Loreal Superliner Blackbuster Review

24 June 2015

I've never been big on liquid eyeliners, because firstly I'm not very good at doing my eyeliner, and secondly my eyelids are quite hooded. One more than the other. Which means that it's hard to apply the eyeliner and even harder to make them look even because it always looks like one is thicker. 

Confusing and annoying. I've had one liquid eyeliner in a sharpie type design before, but it was quite thin and not that good quality. Since a lot of beauty brands lately have started putting out thicker eyeliner markers, I thought I would give this one a go. 
I got my eyeliner on sale for $11 from Priceline, but it's RRP is $16.95.
The eyeliner is quite thick, but has a thin tip which means I can both apply thick and thin lines depending on how I use it. It went on pretty easy and I found it was quite pigmented but not messy. 
I didn't get any smudgey eyeliner imprint on my eyelids like you do from some eyeliners, as it dried fairly quickly. I usually always sweep some face powder on my lids though to prevent this from happening anyway. 

For $11 I was pretty happy with the results, and it has given me a bit more confidence to wear liquid eyeliner. When I've built up my skills a bit more I might finally give liquid eyeliner with a brush an attempt!
Hooded Lids are not friends with Eyeliner. 
So there you go! If you're looking for a liquid eyeliner in a pen, then I thought this was pretty satisfactory, especially for the price.

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  1. I love a thick eyeliner , especially when I want to put it on heavy. Great review. xox


  2. I've got hooded lids too (much much much much much much more hooded than yours bc #Asian haha) so I feel your pain! But for someone who claims to be bad at doing eyeliner, this looks fantastic on you! I've given up eyeliner aaaaggeeesss ago, but I just might give this a try.

    You've got very pretty eyes, by the way! <3

    May x | THE MAYDEN

    1. Thanks! Totally give it a try. Haha love it hashtag asian ;) xx

  3. This was my very first liquid/felt tip liner. It was okay for me at the time but it didn't stay put all too well. When I did a flick, it would just disappear throughout the day if I accidentally touched it. It would also transfer to my brow bone because my eyes are a bit hooded too. I think it's because of my oily eyelids that this one didn't stay put as long as I wanted it to. But anyways, great review!
    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback hun! Can you recommend any that stay put a bit better? I also have pretty oily eyelids. xx

  4. This liner looks awesome on you. And your eye colour is amazing!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  5. You have beautiful eyes! This eyeliner looks great on you, I will buy it becauuse it's quiete cheap :)

    Kisses Valentina,

  6. Can I just say I am obsessed with your eyes?! They are just so beautiful! I personally love liquid liners, they are great to use especially for quick makeup. This one looks really cool too! <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  7. Came and found out more, that you are a beautiful woman.

    Love the blog layout!

  8. Great post ! xoxo

  9. I love eyeliner - I think it just brightens your eyes and makes you look great in seconds! It's amazing what makeup can do really….
    Haven't tried this as I'm using an eyeliner from Too Faced which is great but will look at this next time I go shopping! :)

    Layla xx


  10. This is super helpful! My liquid eyeliner is running out and I need a replacement but I have trouble finding one thick enough.

  11. Thanks for the review! I'm always looking for new eyeliners to try out - I feel like they keep getting better and better. I recently bought the elf liner which has the same shape/thickness and I really like it so maybe i'll give this one a try too! xx

  12. this looks like a nice alternative to those thinner liners. I've not seen this around, but I should def check it out :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  13. Happy Wednesday, lovely! YOU look incredible! Loved your review!
    I truly hope this day is as beautiful as you are, stunning lady!
    Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  14. Your eyes are beautiful! If you can get your hands on the brand there, I'd say to give the Soap & Glory eyeliner a go, it's amazing! xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  15. This eyeliner looks really nice, love that Daisy perfume by the way!


  16. You have really nice eyes! And haha I'm so bad with eyeliner, every time I apply it, it just goes so wrong. Been trying to use them more though :) x


  17. Great review, I always need new liquid eyeliners!


  18. I love liquid eyeliner pens! This one looks like a good affordable option :) I'll be honest and say that most eyeliners don't cooperate with my eyes!
    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  19. I'm always looking for new liners. I'm sold! I can't wait to try this one out!

    Also, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here: 

  20. i'm a makeup pleb, and i can never find a good eyeliner (or a good anything, for that matter). i'll pick this up next time i need a new eyeliner! thanks!


  21. This liner looks gorgeous!!! Also totally in love with your brows. So lovely and full.
    Hope you've had a great day,
    Bethany x


    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

  22. It's actually high time for me to get a new eyeliner! Might check this one out! Thanks!



  23. Really love this post ! xo
    Can we follow eachother ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

    BLOG | GorisHelena

  24. I'll give this a shot after my current one dries up, great post :) x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com

  25. I love Michael Kors Daisy! It is my go to scent.
    xx. The Coastal Confidence


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