How to Remove the Frame from Bloglovin'

15 June 2015

There has been much discussion and speculation about Bloglovin' stealing pageviews with the use of "frames". I've read through a lot of different blog posts about bloggers searching through the details and checking for ip addresses to see if they're actually getting pageviews when people view their posts through Bloglovin' either on the website or through the app.
The majority vote seems to point to no. When your blog is viewed through the frame you don't get any pageviews. You're even less likely to get pageviews when your blog is viewed through the app, and this could make it much harder for you to earn money from platforms like Blogger Tuesday, for example.

I have seen some codes that you can put into your blog template so that your blog with refresh out of the frame. Don't install this! I haven't found one that works properly, but I attempted to do this one time and it messes up your blog and refreshes the page every time you try and go back into template editor to remove it. 

What a blog looks like with the evil view stealing frame

If you use Bloglovin' to follow blogs and when you view them, they look like this. Then this guide is for you! Because we are going to turn it off! If you actually like the blogger that you are viewing, then you should want them to get the most pageviews that they can, views from your reading their blog. So let's turn it off.

Change Your Settings

It's super easy and here's how:

1. Click on your Profile picture up there on the right. The drop down list will open, and then click on "Settings"

2. Scroll right to the bottom of the Settings.  Under "The Bloglovin' Frame" Section you want to click the bubble "I don't want the frame" and then "Save Settings"
Easy Peasy!
Now sleep soundly knowing you are helping your fellow bloggers regain their hard earned views!
Share this post around to your readers to make sure they also remove the frame so you can start raking in the pageviews. 
Cya! xx

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