5 Days Foundation Free

8 August 2015

As you can see, I look totally impressed in this photo. I'd decided to do 5 days Foundation free, Monday to Friday, and I took that photo on Monday morning. I was going to use concealer but I thought that's kind of cheating so I'll count that out as well. 

Why Do it?

A few reasons, I'm a full face of makeup kind of girl. While I don't usually bother if I'm home all day, I definitely do when I'm going out somewhere, or to work. Removing this step is sure to save some time at least when I'm trying to leave the house. My skin has been awful lately also, more breakouts than I can ever remember having, so the no foundation rule will give my skin some time to breathe. 

The other day at work, one girl that usually wears quite a bit of full faced makeup, came to work completely bare. While she still looked good, of course, she looked completely different! Paler, perhaps a bit more tired. It made me think, how many comments would she have received throughout the day. From fellow staff, friends and customers? How many people don't actually realise that it's because she's not wearing makeup, and think she's just sick?

The Challenge

Go foundation free, Monday to Friday this week. Record people's comments on my appearance. See if the comments lessen as the week goes on. The first day is usually a shock to most people, but I'm assuming they'll get used to it as the week goes on.

I didn't post this at the beginning of the week, as it's kind of also a bit of a social experiment and I didn't want that to affect anyone's reaction at all, if they had read the blog post. Better to reveal it after the challenge is done.

Day 1:

I've done my brows, and I have mascara on, but that's it. Not too much of a challenge today,  I'm mostly at home, but I work for the next 4 days, Tuesday to Friday. Josh sees me without makeup all the time, so I don't look any different to him, and also he's not an arse so he wouldn't comment anyway. 

I did end up venturing out to get groceries, where I saw a friend, and then visit my mum to make her dinner. But no comments of any sort from anyone. I didn't feel anxious about my foundation free face either. So we'll see how the rest of the week goes. 

Day 2:

First day of work for the week. No foundation but I have my brows and mascara done. I worked of a night, and didn't actually have much interaction with anyone at all as we were doing stocktake. No negative comments, I uploaded a chubby cheeked selfie, but in black and white, so you can't really notice the lack of makeup anyway. But so far so good. Tomorrow is 9-5. So we'll see how I go. 

Day 3:

I was outside all day today, only working with one team member for most of the day. Foundation free! I worked on my face tan a little bit. Uneventful. 

Day 4. 

Working 1pm - 9pm. Foundation free. Seriously nothing to report.

Day 5. 

Screw it, I'm wearing foundation today, I like when my skin looks flawless. I start work at 12, but beforehand I go to a plant shop to see their latest shipment of cacti, and then I buy the cutest one and head down Darby St, to buy a pot for it as well.

Working 12-7. I actually get my first god damn comment of the week, during this shift, about how tired I look, and I am wearing foundation and concealer. Is it because it's late in the day and the foundation has settled into fine lines and made my eye bags more noticeable?

Honestly have you ever been told you look tired and thought, "Oh I really feel as though this person made that comment as they care about my general well being." No. 

Overall Conclusion 

I am seriously shocked the way this challenge turned out. I either don't look that shitty without makeup, or people were just too polite to say anything. 

This definitely saved me time when getting ready of a morning, and allowed me to moisturise and care for my skin a bit more. 

I also feel a lot more confident in leaving the house without makeup. Even if it honestly was people just being too polite to say anything. Screw them, people shouldn't make negative comments towards others anyway! 

I'll definitely still wear foundation and concealer, but I no longer will feel like a social pariah if I leave the house not wearing any! 

Do you wear foundation and concealer everyday? Do you get comments when you go bare faced??I want to hear about it all! Leave your stories in the comments!

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  1. Hahaha this made me laugh out loud a few times! Oh my gosh, it never fails that you put effort into your appearance and someone makes a comment.
    Very cool experiment! I've thought of doing the same thing but then I realized I have no life, thus never leave the house, have no friends to see, etc etc. =-P

    I really enjoyed this!

    US Lifestyle Blog / / www.rebekahkoontzsite.com

  2. Such a great post, I loved reading it. I really like it when people do this kind of challenges. I never wear foundation but I always wear eye makeup so maybe I'll do a challenge where I don't put on my eyeliner and mascara for a week. Have a lovely day dear :)


  3. Haha, interesting post. I haven't been wearing foundation since June, but I have had all the rest of my usual make up on so i guess that's cheating a bit. Looking at your pic you look great without any on. Typical you got that one comment though, I really hate it when people say that!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  4. I usually cover up my spots with concealer, or a full face of foundation if my skin is really bad. I only go without makeup if I haven't got any blemishes, which is rarely. I just feel so self conscious about it!

  5. Last time I went to work people where genuinely concerned that I was unwell!! I bet if you uploaded a picture of you with no make up and no filter people wouldn't comment either - it's crazy how we think of ourselves bare faced.

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  6. Wow!! This post is really intetesting ! I don't wear every day foundation... sometimes only a bit of concealer so people know how I look. But I don't know what can they think if I don't wear makeup..


  7. What a great experiment! I don't think I could do it though because I have dark spots and people do notice and comment when I don't wear makeup. You are so lucky to have good skin!


  8. Loved reading this. I'm quite pale and have thee worst dark circles but now that I've been completely makeup free for about a month (I think there has been only one occasion I've worn makeup) I've become so much more confident in my natural appearance! Although I do kinda brush through my eyebrows so I don't look like a cave man haha.

    Kathryn | nimblenote.blogspot.com

  9. How strange that this challenge turned out completely different from expectations?! I loved that you did this challenge, honestly, and I loved reading about it. It's also awesome that this has given you so much more confidence when leaving the house without make up!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  10. Smart social experiment, I use to not wear a lot of make up and people would tell me I look tiered all the time. I was working 3 jobs and going to school full time. I would get so annoyed because I think it is such an insult to tell someone they look tiered.

    Smart social experiment. I do think people treat me different when I don't have make up on but maybe Im more introspective with out it...

    Let's follow each other on Bloglovin'?!
    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  11. Honestly it depends on whether I feel like wearing makeup or not! People have seen me from super cake face to nothing at all, and while they definitely notice the difference (I'm very heavy handed with my concealer for my dark circles!) they're not mean about it either. I think it mostly has to do with who's mature about it and who isn't - and thankfully it seems like both of us are almost always around a mature crowd!

    becky ♡ star violet

  12. I don't wear makeup everyday, I tend to wear it when I go out to the mall or something, but I rarely do to school or anything like that. I do get comments though when I get face-naked, which is more along the lines of 'you look pale' and 'you look dead.' Hahaha! <3

    Ooooh, this sounds like an awesome app to have! I'd love to try it out! I would love to get unbiased opinions from users, its so cool! I have to download it now! Haha <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  13. Interesting experiment!! I don't normally wear foundation everyday, just concealler and a BB cream but I have received some comments on how tired I look actually wearing foundation so that's weird!


    Seize your Style

  14. Literally all I use is eyeliner but I've heard some of my friends doing this challenge too. I love the idea and think it's really interesting to hear what happens!
    xx, Pia


  15. I'm sure its because you don't need to wear make up. If we didn't ever wear make up we probably wouldn't think we have 'flaws' because that is way our skin would look all the time. I try to go make up free when I go to the gym or to the shops so I don't become dependant on it.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  16. I sometimes do the same thing for a week or two to let my skin rest. The only reason why I don't really like when I don't wear makeup is because I look so tired haha. But in summer it's so hot that I prefer just putting some face lotion and eyeliner.
    You have a really nice blog bog btw!

    Basic Is The Mood

  17. You have a beautiful face! I've just now started getting comfortable without wearing makeup.

  18. Recently I have decided to stop wearing foundation on quiet days at work and after about 4 comment free days a customer asked if I had been crying. *sigh*
    I really enjoyed this post.


  19. This post is really interesting! I'm surprised that you didn't receive any comments on your base-makeup free days! I always wear concealer, but no foundation unless I'm going out to do something cool or just fancy going the whole hog with my makeup. When I don't wear concealer though I'm always asked if I'm okay or if I slept enough last night -the answer is almost always no. I stopped wearing foundation regularly last summer when I got acne, the lack of foundation hasn't helped any, but I've fallen out of the habit now so I still leave it out on most mornings.


  20. Really interesting to hear your take upon completing this challenge! I'm kind of interested to see how I would go! I'm not an everyday foundation kinda gal but I would say that I can't walk out the door without putting some concealer under my eyes, at the very least! Making our way into the scorching summer heat I'm interest to see how this would turn out for me :)


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx