Life Lately 5/8

5 August 2015

What on earth have I been up to since we've spoken last. I worked a bunch of long shifts but then actually managed to have some free time on the weekend, not without work trying to call me in on every day off that I had. 

The weekend weather was absolutely beautiful. I went to the markets, I ate bagels and drank coffee. I relaxed, found time to write blog posts. As well as take a bunch of photos. I bought myself the cutest little bell for my bike and finished decorating it
I even stopped resisting the urge to buy plants and purchased three to go on my little spool table outside in my courtyard. 

On Saturday night I went out with a few friends to Bocados in Newcastle, for tapas. We started at Soho for shots,  I've never been to Soho before and was pleasantly surprised. They have a crazy range of different flavoured shots, and as someone who definitely never does shots, I did three. So surprise.
We did shots, ate tapas and then a couple came back to my house for sticky date pudding and vanilla ice cream. Which was a quality way to end Saturday night. 

A new episode of one of my favourite games came out these last few weeks. Episode 4 of 5 I believe of a game called "Life is Strange". You play as Max in this strong story driven video game, a girl who can rewind time. Every action and decision you make affects the outcome of the game, which is a really cool concept unbeknownst to me before playing this. It's available on a large variety of platforms, and I can not recommend it enough. I want to play it through again already just to change my answers on a separate save file!

We've had the cutest little daily visitors to the Garden entrance at work, these little duckies arrive at the same time everyday, hang around for a while,  before heading on home. They definitely have been amusing the staff and the customers with their cuteness. 

I have a busy rest of the week ahead of me, working both jobs, as well as getting my brows done at a new place, as my beloved Browtique is so popular now it's practically impossible to get into.  Penny is said to be wonderful, so I'll see how it goes! (hopefully post a before and after!)

Anyway I just worked stocktake with Tilly, and I need to go to bed so that I can get up and go back to work again tomorrow. 

But before I go, here's some cool stuff I found from around the web.

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  1. Despite work, it sounds like you've been busy and up to exciting things! your bike is super duper cute i love it, feel like i may treat myself to one! xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  2. Seems like you've had a nice little time! Your bike is absolutely adorable. I really should consider giving my bike a facelift - since I bought it used it isn't in the most stunning condition, but it rides fine!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  3. sounds like you been pretty busy doing some fun things , great post :)

  4. It's really funny how the first thing I wanted to comment on was your eyebrow because girl, your brows are amazing, and you mentioned it in the post, ha. The video game sounds extremely interesting; I've played several games wherein the player makes decisions which affects the game's outcome but nothing as long and extended as the one you mentioned! Gotta check it out!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  5. Oh that's the problem when you find somewhere really good - everyone wants to go there! I have the same problem and therefore my eyebrows go through definite phases!! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  6. These pictures are so, so beautiful.

  7. I hate it when eyebrow places get so popular you can't get in. Just happened to me too! Shots and tapas sounds awesome, and I can't stop watching that uptown funk link, I had to just post it on Facebook! Amazing

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  8. do your brows? but they are nice as it is? haha Let us know how it goes though!

    Your bike is looking super cute :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  9. I'd love to try Life is Strange! I love unique games like RPGs that affect the future of the game based on actions. I love it! Now, I have to try it out! Yesss! (Also, your eyebrow game is ON POINT)

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  10. Love the ducks :) so sweet!

    Lor @

  11. I love ducks. They don't give a fudge whether they're supposed to be somewhere- if they want to stand there they will haha.
    I like the look of that game, and it looks like they do it on PS3, yay!

  12. Awesome post! Your makeup looks on point, and I love that top. I've been meaning to get some plants as decor as well, but I don't always remember to water them!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue

  13. So jealous of your bike! You look lovely Tegan, loving the t shirt haha. I really like life is strange too, such a good game.

  14. I love your hair! I've always been wanting bangs, but my hair is so fine and limp, I'd probably just end up with pimples on my forehead instead.

    Those ducks are too cute! That's so funny that they come at the same time everyday, maybe looking for food?

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  15. Your style is so nice, love the basic neutral colours you wear.

  16. Awesome post and love your make up style

    Kiu //

  17. Glad to hear you finally had some down time! I love those plants too (I can't wait to get some for my dorm room). Can't wait to check out some of those links!
    xx, Pia

  18. Lovely post, love your ripped jeans! kisses
    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  19. i've always liked bike's with bells and baskets! nice succulent plants.

  20. Your hair is looking amazing girl! Loving the bike too - so cute! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  21. Tegan, I love your photography and you look so beautiful. Funny that you posted about Life Is Strange, been watching PewDiePie's gameplays on it! hahaha x

    Cristina at My Cup of Tea


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