Scruffee - The Full Body Coffee Scrub

18 March 2016

I am sooo excited to be able to review this coffee scrub, that is handmade here in my home town! I love finding great products and places around Newcastle, and a coffee scrub is no exception. It also goes great with my plan to blog more about my city. 

If you've never tried out a coffee scrub before, then you're missing out! Scruffee combines your two great loves, showers and coffee. This gorgeous scrub is overflowing with antioxidant-rich arabica coffee, organic coconut oil & aloe vera leaf extract.

Coffee scrubs are also great, because they're jam packed with so many goodies, they do way more than just exfoliate. Scruffee also works to soften and tone your beautiful bod, while you scrub. 

Anyway, I gave Scruffee a go, and here's how it went!

There's a few instructions you should follow to make sure you get the most out of your coffee scrub. I like to put some coffee scrub into a little container before I shower, so I'm not reaching my wet and grubby hands back into the packaging and soaking any of the remaining product. 

After I got my little container of scrub ready, I jumped in the shower and got myself soaked head to toe. Leaving the container just outside the shower, so it stays dry. 
Turn the shower off once you're ready and grab some little handfuls of coffee, and start scrubbing!

Scrub a dub dub. It's a full body scrub, so start at the soles of your feet and work all the way up to your face. Don't get any coffee in your eyes though, that wouldn't be fun.

Coffee scrubs can be great at evening out skin tone and fading any scars or cellulite you have on your bod. Put some extra oomph into any problem areas you might want to focus on.

Then just chill! Leaving it for about 2-5 minutes is recommended but letting it go for the length of time it takes for you to take a selfie and upload it to Instagram #scruffeeme . 

I may look dorky AF right here, but I'm also in bliss and smelling of (i swear) Dark chocolate?? I know the blend is toasted coconut but I'm getting all of the dark choccie scents right now. Not even an issue. 

Then jump right back in the shower and wash all of the scrub off! If you've never coffee scrubbed before, that stuff is messy as hell. It is everywhere. Just use your little container to wash it off from around the shower though and you'll be fine and dandy. 

End result?? My skin feels amazing right now! So soft, so silky and I definitely smell like coffee. Which is probably my favourite perk of the scrub. 

Want some Scruffee for yourself? Jump over to their website and you can pick up a bag for yourself. There's also a sweet buy 2 deal at the moment, so you know, go halvies with a friend. Everyone wins!

Live local and don't want to pay shipping? In the discount code box at checkout, type in "LOCAL" and they'll get in touch with you to pick it up from Merewether, or you can type in "MARKETS" if you're going to be swinging by the next Hunt & Gather Markets, and they'll have your purchase waiting for you!

You won't regret it! xx

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this scrub for review, but all opinions are my own! xx

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  1. I've seen so much about these scrubs lately but have yet to try them! I'm glad you reviewed this one, I've been wondering if they make a difference for your skin. I'll have to try this scrub!

    My Lovelier Days

  2. Oooe this looks amazing so need to try it

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. This sounds great!! I love coffee and showers so this sounds perfect for me!
    xx, Pia

  4. I hear coffee scrubs are great for cellulite :p been using them for years, not much difference but my skin feels great afterwards
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. This sounds great, I've never used a coffee scrub before but like the sound of them! Also, how good do you look halfway through a shower covered in coffee?! I'd look like a mess haha!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  6. ooohhh yay! hello fellow aussie! :D I've never used coffee scrubs before but I've heard of many from instagram! have you noticed any long term differences in your skin since using it?

  7. It sounds so awesome! I'm not a fan of coffee, but it sounds really good...may possibly have to try this in the near future!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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