Kylie Jenner Lipkit - Dolce K Review

19 April 2016

So I finally got my paws on the famous Kylie Jenner Lipkit. It gets talked up and talked about quite a lot and for good reason. It's almost impossible to get, getting released at different times, and selling out within 10 minutes. 

Not to mention it only being released at times convenient for people who live in the US. I got this baby at 7am, refreshing away until it was mine. 

At about $38 AUD not including shipping, it's a pretty good deal for a liner and a lipstick. The formula is super creamy, not too heavy and fast drying. It's super pigmented and I always wipe the little brush on the top of the container before applying because you hardly need much product at all to do your entire lips. 

The brush works really well, and I just found out that the lipkit was originally released with a different applicator, that was very shit. A lot of people have posted photos of it, it was more of a paintbrush type thing, and they looked very cheap and nasty. Jeffree Star even did a video bagging it out, but with good reason, as it looked very poor quality. 

The liner is super soft and easy to apply. You could even wear the liner alone it's so nice. I'm really happy with my colour choice of Dolce K, but it's true that the colour appears different on pretty much all skintones. Even in these pictures it appears a lot browner that I think it comes out on my lips. 
To use I line my lips first and then paint the inside with the liquid lipstick.

Whats a review without a swatch. The lipstick will last on my lips practically all day, and I had to scrub at that swatch with makeup remover for it to come off. 

I like to apply a bit of lip balm to my lips before applying Dolce K, and even if I don't, I never really feel like the formula is drying out my lips or that it is too heavy. 

It dries pretty quickly, and your lips don't feel moist or anything but I don't think they feel too dry either. You can get the lipkit from buuuut you have to know when she's going to release it. 

Here I am wearing it with a super dweeby smile. Pretty much if you follow me on Instagram, every photo of me I'll be wearing this lipstick. I would definitely repurchase and possibly buy another shade though I'm not sure what colour just yet. Potentially Candy K as it looks like a very nice nude pink. 
What are your opinions on the Lipkits? Have you bought one or planned on buying one? I wanna know!
Cya! xxx

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  1. This shade looks SOO good on you! I'm so pale I don't think I could pull it off. There is so much hype and scandal behind these lipsticks (I know some people who got an EMPTY box). They intrigue me so much.
    But definitely you made an excellent choice in the shade you purchased!

    Humor & Lifestyle //

  2. I haven't got my hands on one probably never luck is bleak lol! I wish it would come in stores and not just online! You look absolutely amazing in this color. I think this color is universal for all skin colors lol it'll probably look light on me haha! Great review came straight from Instagram haha!

    Jasmine :)

  3. very pretty shade you picked! I heard so many bad reviews online and ive tried getting them 3 times now but ive now given up :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Ah I really want all these!! All the shades look amazing! I've heard a lot of negative reviews about the applicator too! It looks lovely on you, I'm envious haha! The lip liner sounds so nice as well!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  5. This looks incredible, I love the shade! Where did you end up buying it from? I feel like I need to add this to my collection!

    Kez |

  6. If I was to get my hands on one of these, this is 100% the colour I'd get, it looks beautiful!
    All these posts are tempting me to get online and try grab one - but at the same time don't know if I can be bothered being online at the right time haha.


  7. I've heard so much buzz about these so I'm glad to hear the formula is good! I don't really wear nude lipsticks much so I'm not personally that tempted to buy any myself but considering it comes with the liquid lipstick and the liner together that's actually a pretty decent price. Glad you're enjoying it so much. :)

    Jessica -


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