Rare Days Off

24 May 2016

Working two jobs means it's hard to find a free day to do much of anything. Especially relax. So when I do get a day off, it's difficult to pick just one thing to do. Find time to relax, blog, catch up on tv shows, finally get that cleaning and laundry done. 

It's kind of depressing to clean on your day off, and there's not usually anyone free to hang out on a random Tuesday.  Not that I want to share my only day free with anyone. I want it all to myself.

Today I went out for breakfast with Josh, to Core Espresso. (Here's my review!) Then got the chance to catch up on some blogging. Scheduling quite a few posts, and getting more ahead than I have in ages. I do love blogging it's just hard to find the time to actually blog. 

I don't want to think of it as a chore, but if I've been really busy, sometimes I just want to sit down, play some witcher or watch a television show. 

I am watching Zootopia while I write this though. 
I'm going to see my mum this evening as well. We are going to the cinemas to see "Bad Neighbours 2" and then pick a random restaurant in the Kotara Rooftop to try out. Then it's back to work for me tomorrow morning. 

Outfit Details

Bodysuit - Nude Lucy | High Waisted Jeans - Rollas | Boots - Alias Mae | Bag - Status Anxiety |

I love bodysuits, they're figure hugging and you don't need to tuck them in because well they're already down there. This Nude Lucy bodysuit is the perfect addition to my various other striped tops.  These are also my favourite pair of jeans which I bought from Abicus on Darby St.

 They're Rollas super high scorpions, and they are really high as you can see. These Alias Mae boots are quite perfect for everyday wear. They only have small heels, and are cropped, which means they go with practically every outfit. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! x


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  1. i need a bodysuit asap as I hate tucking in things :p you look wonderful! hope you had an amazing time with your mum!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Ahh, I want a bodysuit! Enjoy the Bad Neighbours 2 with your mum, Tegan!


  3. You are too cute! I always try to cherish my days off and love just taking time for myself as well. x


  4. You have such a teeny tiny waist! Look fabulous as always X

    charlotte / styleaked

  5. This outfit is so cute! And give me your figure pls.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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