My 3 Fav Lip Products

30 May 2016

I'm super excited to bring you this post in collaboration with two other babin' local bloggers from my area. Newcastle, Australia! All three of us girls are sharing our 3 favourite lip products with you today.  So read onwards, and make sure you follow the links over to their blogs and check out their lippy picks too!

The Body Shop Lip Scuff

My lips are hella chapped right now, and it seems no amount of lipbalm is making any different. PS. babes don't use paw paw balm, as it just dries your lips out in the long run! 
This exfoliant looks like it would just be any old lipstick until you open it and you see it's a mint colour with lots of little dots inside. The scrub! To use, make sure your lips are completely clean with no makeup or anything on them. 

Then you start to use the exfoliant on your lips. Apply as if you were putting on lipstick, but a bit harder and going over the same spots more often. You want to get that dead skin off! Don't press too hard though, you don't want to damage your lips or break the lip scrub! Then wipe all of the remaining scrub on your lips off with a tissue, and apply your favourite lip balm! I'd recommend Burts Bees or something from Blistex. 

Kylies Lip Kit in Dolce

I looove this! It's the first liquid lipstick that I've ever owned and it's an absolute winner! I honestly cannot wait to score some more colours in it. You can also read my review on the lip kit right here. This winner comes packaged with a matching lip liner which makes the struggle and price (actually pretty affordable) completely worth it in my opinion. The struggle being that it's hard to snatch one of these beauties up before they all sell out. Every single time. Gah. 

Anyway this liquid lipstick is very fast drying but doesn't feel like it dries out your lips. It lasts for ages, literally all day, even with eating. Though it might start to come off a bit nearing the end of the day. Time for a reapply! Also you may have heard about the brush being mighty shit. That's no longer the case. Only a very few first batches had the crappy brush. Unlucky for them, but all new lipsticks are perfect. 

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

Pinky perfection. I love this lipstick for everyday wear. I never thought I'd be one to wear this kind of pink on a regular basis but it's changed my mind for the better. If you've never bought a lipstick from MAC before, they are soft creamy and wonderful. Worth all of the hype that they receive. I would love to get a colour similar to this in the liquid lipstick though. Because it's great. I'm pretty sure I'm a convert to only matte lipsticks as well. Just like this one.

What can I say, I'm a convert to the liquid lip! You can read my review of Velvet Teddy and see a pretty colour swatch right here

Don't forget to check out these babes and their most used lip products! Cya! xx




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  1. OMG noooo, don't tell me that paw paw ointment isn't good for your lips :( I wear it every day! Guess I'll have to adopt the Body Shop + Burts Bees combo!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. You have some great selections here, a small but good quality collection, love the shades you have chosen!

    Kez |

  3. I always love finding good lip products but I don't think I'll get the Kylie Lip Kits anytime soon. I just don't want to support her, especially since with all the recent controversy. MAC Velvet Teddy on the other hand...GORGEOUS! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  4. Love your picks! I had no idea the Body Shop did a lip scrub! I'll definitely be picking one up once my Lush one runs out. Also, Velvet Teddy is such a classic.

  5. I finally got one of those lip kits and I cant wait for it to arrive for me to try :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Ah yes Velvet Teddy is my absolute favourite, such a gorgeous wearable colour! I need to try the other shades on this list too xx

  7. Hey, Hey! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I am a huge fan of your blog and find your content inspiring. I loved writing this post and believe you deserve some fellow blogger love which is why I wanted to nominate you. You can check out the post over on my blog Sorry if you have already been nominated and I can’t wait to read your posts. Make sure you send me your links.

    Love Carli x

  8. These are such pretty colors. I'm not much into makeup but I've been considering the Kylie Lip Kit for a while although it is a bit of an investment but after reading the reviews, I feel like it's something that I should try to get my hands on despite the fact that they sell out faster than I can type my name. Great post!

    Zoha xx - Zoe and Tima

  9. I always love finding good lip products but I don't think I'll get the Kylie Lip Kits anytime soon because I really don't like her.

  10. I have three colours of the kylie lip kits and i loveee them!! theyre amazing! i have candy, posie and true brown!
    I think the issue with the brushes were with the lip glosses only not the liquid lipsticks
    I also have velvet teddy! I havnt used it as often because I kind of want to keep it pristine ahahaha
    thankyou for this post!


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