May Catch Up

7 June 2016

I finally picked up my game a little bit last month with blogging. I guess there was time between the release of the most recent Witcher expansion pack ha. It's great though for real. The month was stressful overall though. Working two jobs with very little time off. I'm saving a bit of money though but not for any specific reason. Which is okay I guess. 

It's been getting colder here now that's Winter. Not as cold as some places my readers are from that's for sure. But hey it's Australia, we're known for the heat. Anyhoo read on for updates on my month. 

PS. I'm currently listening to "Keep the Family Close" by Drake on repeat. I like it okay!

Outfits Worn

Holy moly. So I decided to not post all of them as there was too many. I guess this proves how many days I worked, since these photos are each in May, on a different day and at only one of the workplaces. 

You can see where I gave my hair the chop! Which I freakin' love by the way. It's so easy to manage. The best. Anyway if you have good staple pieces in your wardrobe, you can mix and match almost endlessly without doubling up.

Films Watched

I enjoyed all of these films which was definitely good. I saw all of them at the cinema except for Zoolander 2. Even the ones of these that have received poor rating were amusing. X-Men was amazing, the scenes with Quicksilver were 10/10. Bad Neighbours 2 was significantly better than the first one, and very funny. I laughed out loud rather embarrassingly so various times during the film.

Zoolander 2 I watched in my living room and I definitely had quite a few laughs during that as well. 
As long as you go into that film knowing it will be dumb then you will be okay. Finally "Now You See Me 2" was really enjoyable. As many twists and turns as the first film. Plus as much as I love Isla Fisher and was sad to see her not in this film, her replacement is perhaps even better. I'm a fan of her style of magic! 

Ha I just realised these were all sequels... 

Plants Adopted Received

My dad made me this really cool desert scape with little cacti in it and I'm in love! That giant one is super cool and it's in this upcycled salad bowl which is rad. It's very trendy and is sitting in the middle of my dining table now. I was told about this cool mini ram skull thats for sale at Typo at the moment and that would be perfect to really complete the scene!

Notable Moments

I chopped my hair right off. All the way to shoulder length and I love it! So easy! So chill and no knots really. Btw that photo of my hair got almost 600 likes on Instagram somehow??
My sister, mum and my mums friend all went out for lunch recently on one of my days off and it was lovely. I had a mushroom burger at Three Monkeys and wow so good! I wish I could have eaten the whole thing. 

Lovedale Long Lunch, the event that involves a lot of wine drinking throughout the day. The whole day was basically about my outfit probably. I got reasonably intoxicated I believe and crawled into bed at 5pm. A successful day out. A final notable moment was watching these 2 cuties watch me out of the window of a van parked outside of my workplace. I popped out to take a picture, then realised the owner was in the front seat. So I asked if I could snap a pic and the guy leaned back so as not to be in the photo for me. So polite. 

What's in Store for June?

Is it weird that I really don't know? Nothing stands out as a noteworthy event. I will be working quite a bit as usual. I'm going to try and cull my spending extra this month. I paid off a big bunch of clothing at my workplace, and now I own a few new jackets and other things. 

So it's time to calm it down. I also just paid off my all of my car bills that come around every May. Yep they all arrive at once. Registration, Green Slip and Insurance. So much fun! But actually I saved too much money for the bills so I had a nice nest egg left over to pop into my savings account. 

Anyway there's a list of at least 5 post ideas next to me so that should get me started for June. As long as a I make an effort to put aside time to do them. 

PS. I'm still updating my Couch to 5k progress! Just a tad slower as it's been poor weather and cold. Which makes it hard to get motivated. Josh has been coming with me though which is nice! Read about it on the updates page!

Cya! xx


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  1. I love your new hair and your style! so simple yet cool! You have really built yourself a nice capsule wardrobe!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Your hair looks fantastic! Love your consistency in your style as well. I keep meaning to watch Zoolander 2, haha.

    Jane / deluminators

  3. I think my favourite part of your catch up posts would have to be the outfits. I love the fact that they repeat pieces but you style them differently each time! LOVING your hair chop, by the way. NYSM2 hasn't opened where I live yet but my boyfriend and I are excited to catch it when it does!


  4. Sounds like a great month! And I LOVE YOUR HAIR.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  5. I love your new hair cut, it looks so good, I can see why the picture got nearly 600 likes! I also really love that succulent desert scene, you have to get the mini rams scull to finish it off!

    Kez |

  6. As always your cacti and outfits make me envious, haha.

    Great post beautiful xx.


  7. Ugh, I have been delaying to play the WItcher expansion because I don't want Geralt's adventure to end T_T But at least there will be a Gwent game soon...

    Anyway, your new haircut looks awesome!

  8. So great combination of styles and color! Lovely outfits!
    Take a look please on my blog


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