4 Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

4 October 2016

It's no secret I've been pretty lax on my blog for a lot of the year, even though I honestly love it and love creating content for it. I've put quite a bit of money and time into it over the last two years as well and I'm not planning on quitting anytime soon. 

I have actually been doing stuff apart from blogging. A lot of it is potentially procrastinating blogging, hey this blog didn't get it's name for nothing, and another huge part is me doing random dorky things that I find fun that take up a lot of time. Like playing Harvest Moon on Nintendo DS. I played it religiously for 4 days straight but I'm now giving it a bit of a break. Don't worry it's not on the list. 

Here's what is.

1. I Quit My Job

Well one of them anyway. It's common knowledge that I have rocked two jobs for quite a few years now. Once I started getting employed, I just couldn't find anywhere that was willing to give me the amount of hours that I needed. So I kept just accumulating jobs, and swapping them out for better ones with more hours. Until I was working two jobs and having hardly any down time. 

One of my two jobs was being a pain in the ass with shifts. It's hard to organise two jobs around each other, especially if they're both retail, both keep similar hours, both want you to work weekends. It wasn't a choice on which one should stay, that was obvious. In one job I literally stood still and said hello to people for 8 hours and in the other I help to run an entire boutique. I'm not completely useless, so having zero responsibility at one job compared to the other is a heck of a difference. 

I only did this maybe three weeks ago, and I've been working extra at my one and only job which is good. I plan to use my extra free time to get back into the full swing of blogging. So get keen.

2. I Started Looking at Houses

If you've seen one of my latest posts here, then you would know that we've started looking at houses to buy. This is legit crazy. I can hardly believe it myself to be honest. Josh's parents want to help us get into the market while it's still slightly affordable. We will be paying back the mortgage to them as they will be acting as the bank. I absolutely realise how lucky I am to have this opportunity. It's ridiculous to me. Growing up I didn't want for anything, I was privileged, I still am and I know that. But my family was never wealthy. With my parents now divorced neither of them are in a position to help me out in a way like this. Honestly I never expected anyone to ever help me out like this. 

I work my ass off and I save my money. I'm good at saving too. I have zero debt. This was my life, and now the future is looking a little different. But that's kind of really exciting at the same time too. 

3. I watched way too many shows on Netflix

Netflix is the answer to all my binge watching dreams. Whenever I want a new TV show to watch, and then I don't have to wait for more episodes to come out! I can just watch them one after the other. Netflix Originals are always done really well, it's basically like watching an awesome 12 hour movie realistically. Regular shows, well it's just so handy to have them all there in one place to watch whenever I feel like it. 

I started getting really into crime shows after I watched Broadchurch. Not crime shows where they solve a new one each episode, crime shows where the entire season is one long case. That's what makes them truly binge worthy. Needing to watch an entire season before you even know what's going on.  The Killing was every bit as good as people say it is.

 In Marcella I saw Anna Friel in a completely new light. She was always cute in her fur lined hoodie though. I haven't yet finished Luther as it gets a bit dark so you need to take a breather! I started Luke Cage last night and I'm already hooked. I love these Netflix Marvel shows though! Next on my Netflix list is The Tunnel. But I'm keen to start JJ Abrams' new show Westworld. Not on Netflix, but his tv shows are always really great. 

4. I've Been a Cat Mum

Why didn't I get up early this morning? Why did I stay in bed even though I wasn't even tired anymore? Cause a cute fluffer sat on me and fell asleep that's why. Adopting the little Ragdoll baby Coco is the best thing Josh and I have ever agreed to do. She's just so good. We've never had a cat before and she's just so affectionate. Coco always curls up on us, she likes to be around us all the time, and follow us around the house. She sleeps in a cardboard box with a blanket under the bed, and of a morning she does little meows and jumps up to snuggle next to us. 

I've definitely been playing with Coco more than doing anything even slightly productive. She's a timewaster. The best little time waster ever. 

So I'm working less, sleeping more and probably watching the same about of TV as usual. (I watch a lot of tv). Time to get back into blogging again. Because I really do love it. It's my favourite and potentially only hobby. Is watching tv and playing the playstation a hobby? 

Cya! xx



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  1. I was thinking of getting a Ragdoll cat myself! They are just so fluffy, beautiful and full of love. I am not surprised you did not have a heart to wake up your furry friend. Iga www.igaberry.com

  2. buying a house is so big and getting the help from his parents is AMAZING! you really are lucky! :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Aww this was such a lovely catch up post! Cats are the best ♥ xx


  4. Oh that sounds like your life has been pretty busy lately. Especially the house thing sounds excting. Hope you find the perfect one - can't wait to hear how you'll furnish it :D

    Love, Kerstin

  5. Lovely post! Congratulations on looking for a new home!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  6. Can't wait to see you more around the blogosphere and hopefully twitter! Glad to see Coco is getting along well, she's such a cutie!

    Naomi xx

  7. All very exciting then! Especially looking at houses! I need to get into the killing, reading this just makes me want to even more now!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  8. So exciting! And that sounds wonderful about the property hunting! Although I guess it is probably a little stressful and overwhelming still!

    nat // dignifiable

  9. I wish I could afford to buy a house, it's my dream and I hope I get to manage to buy a house soon! You are so lucky!


  10. Congrats on quitting your extra job! I've done that whole thing where you work 6-7 days a week across several jobs and you just get burnt out after a while and need a bit of time to do things you love, like blogging. Especially if you can afford not to work that much and the benefits don't outweigh the negatives.

    And that's super exciting about your plans to buy a place! That's awesome that Josh's parents are in a position to be able to help you guys out and that they're choosing to do that. Getting into the property market is one of the biggest things people do in their lives so if you get the opportunity then it'd be silly not to. Plus there's nothing like the feeling of owning your own place and being able to decorate it any way you like. :)


  11. Glad switching to just one job is working out well. I'm super excited about your venturing into the property market, good luck with everything!

  12. LOVE this post babe! I always forget to do other things than working or blogging, a nice reminder to take a break! Might have a date with Netflix tonight ;)

    Ashleigh x

  13. I totally get you on not keeping up on the blog. While I check it regularly, I haven't had an inspiration to upload a post in about a year. Feeling inspired again though! As always, love reading your posts! Good luck on house hunting!! xx

  14. Sounds like exciting times for you! I can't believe the generosity of Josh's parents, its absolutely fantastic! You lucky girl!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com


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