Couch to 5k - Third Times the Charm

14 October 2016

Depressingly enough I've failed the couch to 5k challenge twice now. The first time it got halted by an operation to my foot, which meant I couldn't run for a while, the second time I chickened out because it just got too cold.

I'm very keen to start over and give it another shot. I'm starting from the beginning again! I want to go again how I did on my first go, and still go for walks on my days where I don't do the challenge. I became invested in my fitness but I let it all slide. I now only have one job instead of two and this challenge is going to motivate me to get busy and active on my days off!

I'm happy to say I've restarted the Couch to 5k Challenge.  I'm already up to week 2!

What is It?

Couch to 5k is a program that is designed to get you off the couch to running 5k in the space of 9 weeks. The program is done through an app on your phone, that you set up to go while you go out and exercise. The program is recommended to go for 3 days a week, with breaks in between each day, and 9 weeks all up. But if you're struggling you can repeat weeks, to build up stamina. 

What I Plan to Do & Not Fail this Time

So i've made some changes to my original plan which was get up at 6.15am and go for a run. One of the main reasons for this is that I was very anxious about going for a run during the day. Back in my hometown, which is only half an hour away. You were more than likely to attract people beeping their car horn at your or yelling something out the window, which made me incredibly uncomfortable as you could imagine.

The other day, in the afternoon I just said screw it and I put on my gear and went for a run. It might seem silly, but for someone who would only run before 7am so no one would see them, it was a big deal. I managed to complete the first week by going for runs at different times of the day across the week. This makes it a lot easier to not give up, as I'm not very good at getting up early or going to bed. 


I thought of some cool ways to encourage me to keep going, apart from the promise of getting fitter in the long run. Things I can get myself as a reward for reaching certain milestones. 

  • I would really like some more fitness gear. Cotton On Body is great for affordable pieces!
  • I currently have my phone in an armband strapped to my arm when I run that I got as a gift, thanks Tilly! But my arms are so little it doesn't do up properly. It stays on but only just. So maybe a new one I can do up tighter.
  • Having a fit bod and being fit! What a great incentive!


I'm no longer going to update daily as I go for a run, but I have taken some unbecoming before photos that I am willing to share once I have after photos. 

I've been more lenient on myself this time with the schedule for running so I won't feel as shit if I miss a day. 

I've also just started the Be Fit - 30 Day Fat Burn Workouts on youtube! You follow their calendar, and do a different 10 minute video every day. With some days you're doing two videos. I've been doing these and going for a run afterwards. I'm definitely feeling it and can't wait to keep it up!

This is basically the broke girls guide to getting fit. Doing it on the cheap. Which reminds me, I need to buy some dumbbells as I've been holding books or full drink bottles and it's very crap. 

Do you have any fitness goals? What are you doing to keep fit? Let me know in the comments!

Cya! xx

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  1. Good luck! Walking is so good and so mine to be outside and enjoying fresh air rather then side of a gym X

  2. This sounds interesting! I may have to do it, but I'll see how you do! Best of luck m'dear, I look forward to the posts!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. I think I need this in my life, I need something to get me going and keep me motivated! I am so lazy when it comes to exercising! Good on you for making the effort and keeping up with it so far, good luck completing the challenge!

    Kez |

  4. This sounds like fun! I've heard of an app that is for a zombie apocalypse so you are exercising but it motivates you by avoiding zombies? It sounds weird but also funnily motivating haha If I was to get an app I would want that one for lol's I used to love running so maybe I should take note of your motivation and start it up again! Goof luck! and also good idea about incentives!

    Rai |

  5. great motivation! good luck :D will be looking fwd to the progress!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Hah I feel you! I hate running because I am SO out of shape at the moment. The challenge sounds amazing though. Will definitely have a closer look at the app because I desperately wanna be able to run 5k!

    Love, Kerstin

  7. This program sounds like something I totally need to do! I ran a 5k (my first and only) back in 2011 and didn't really train for it all. I haven't ran since (lol) and it has become a goal of mine to get back at it. I will definitely be checking this out :)

  8. I'm currently preparing for a 5K in May myself, so following your posts will help serve as extra motivation! I might check out that app too. I used to run fairly often, but haven't run regularly in YEARS. Trying to get better at it. Best of luck to you!!

    Nicole |

  9. Good luck! Promise it gets easier! :-)

  10. Woot woot! Congrats on the Challenge! I want to say I WANT to do it...but I've never been a marathon even though I use to be a runner. I can't wait to see your progress, Tegan! I want to see you run like a cheetah! Yaaay!

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  11. I've just started this and I'm doing their 7 minute work out in between days!

    Looking forward to your updates

  12. I'm on the third day of week 1 and already feeling the burn :O.

    I'll be following your progress over the next few weeks, hope you manage to hit all your milestones

  13. Couch to 5k is what got me running - I never expected to be able to run 5k. Good luck!

    Jane / deluminators

  14. I've tried starting this a few times but haven't managed to finish. Good on you! You have motivated me to try to do it again!!! Great post! xx

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  15. I'm so proud of you for getting back out there and trying again! That's amazing and such an accomplishment already. You go girl!
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  16. Good luck on this. I'm sure you will finish the challenge!
    Love, Fads

  17. I've heard great things about this app! I can't wait to see how it goes for you. Good luck!!
    xx, Pia

  18. Good program! That might help me! I'm a hopeless runner! cathy

  19. I'm not much of a runner myself but that's great that you have a fitness goal and feel really motivated about working towards it. Good luck with it - third time's the charm! :)

  20. Might try this whole couch to 5k program, have heard a lot of people say they love it!
    Thanks for this, got me inspired now haha!
    Have a beautiful day!


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