Cringeworthy Things I Did Growing Up

17 October 2016

How to narrow it down to only five things? As soon as I started thinking back to possible cringeworthy actions I've done in the past, it all came flooding back. What was I even doing?? I was the biggest dorkiest nerd loser in the world and I mostly still am. 
Not to be confused with my greatest hits of embarrassing moments. Cause that's already a quite popular post. No these are things I've done that at the time I clearly didn't see to be as cringey as they truly are. Where to even start. 

My Unrequited Love Life

I did have people want to date me at all which is a shock. I was asked to my year six formal by a boy who was my friend and I thought it was a mean joke so I laughed and he took it back. He did go with me though in the end. I had a crush on one boy at the beginning of high school and my friends ganged up on me to ask him out and he turned me down really harshly. He turned out to be super gay, so that's something. 
I was bloody infatuated with another kid for the majority of my high school years, which is cringeworthy on it's own. In year 7 I wrote a to do list of steps to get to know various boys that I could potentially have crushes on and I had it in my school bag, and found out later that a girl took it out of my bag and showed everyone. Thanks. 
In year 12 biology I sat at a table with two guys. I may have kissed them both at a party one time and they kicked me off their table. But they kicked me off their table while I was at another party with them. To which I started drunkenly screeching and flailing. #cringe

My Awkward School Years

Teachers absolutely hated me. There was maybe 3 or so teachers from the entire time I was in school that definitely liked me. I don't even know what I did that was so dislikable. I was chatty, but so were a lot of kids? Maybe I was also a bit of a smart ass. I'm not as much like I am now, I was a lot louder and a lot more desperate for attention. 
I got kicked out of class to sit in the corridor and to write lines way too many times. In home economics I made the error of putting a metal bowl into the microwave. Now I honestly didn't know that was an issue. It just had never come up. No teacher believed me and thought I was trying to blow shit up. Me and another kid got banned from 8 weeks of practical cooking. Which is almost an entire term, writing lines outside the classroom instead of cooking. 
I'm 99% sure I was the loud annoying one people told to shut up a lot. Also one time I threw a kid's school book out the window and pushed a boy I liked down the stairs. But only down like 4 or 5 steps. So hardly that bad. I also threw his jacket in the garbage. I'm no longer this person. 

Cringe time at Home

I once was having a huge old sulk to myself in my bedroom whilst playing with scissors (???) and I cut a hole in my eyebrow. Not really sure how, guess I was trying to trim it? Unsure. One big hole right in there. My Mum gave me a brown eye pencil to fill it in and no one ever noticed amazingly. Also I got very long bangs in order to protect my dignity. Due to being an idiot. 
I generally was pretty well behaved at home, compared to other places. My sister and I used to stand on our large brick mailbox and sing songs loudly to the neighbourhood. I had the biggest teeth, way too big for my tiny face and super long hair that was often in pigtails or a ponytail.
In primary school I was known as the girl who fell off the stage and needed an ambulance, the girl who won the Harry Potter competition and the girl who sung that duet with her sister about being toothbrushes.

My Life Now - Still Cringey?

I work in retail and I feel like that accounts for a lot of awkward moments and interactions nowadays. Also meeting friends is hard! I never ask people if they want to hang out as I just assume it will end awkwardly. It'll become one of those memories that hits you while you're in the shower or trying to go to sleep and you just pull a face and try and shake the memory back out of your head. 
I still have awkward interactions as a customer though, where I talk to fast and then start apologising and just confusing the poor person serving me. Or that time this lady gave me money back and I gave her some change back because I thought she gave me too much change but I WAS WRONG. She gave me the right change! I just cringed while writing this. It's too fresh. I'm done with this post. 
Share with me any moments that make you screw your face up in awkwardness at the memory of it. 
Do it!
Cya! xx


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  1. Haha, oh dear, don't worry about it too much though, I'm sure we all have lists like this! I don't even want to think of mine... :D

    Kez |

  2. I messed up my brows big time in high school! the "sperm brows" were in and I definitely overdid it :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Haha this post is amazing. I totally have those moments where I remember something embarassing I did and cringe really hard, even if it happened years ago.

    Jane / deluminators

  4. A pair of neon pants in almost every color... Paired with Metro Station t-shirts. I'm pretty sure I've burned every photo from that time in my life haha! Jealous of the 12 year old girls with perfect eyebrows and cohesive outfits, must be nice! x
    Baylei | 17freckles

  5. the cutting a hole in your eyebrow thing... I've done that, and I have no bloody idea why haha!

    Love this post girl!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  6. I cringe every time I think about my brows in university. I overplucked them to a ridiculous degree...don't know what I was thinking....ugh

  7. The retail cringe! One time I was working registers at one of our bigger department stores here in Australia (it starts with a T) on a really long shift, and instead of calling out 'next, please!' I yelled out 'DO YOU HAVE A FLYBUYS CARD?'
    So cringe, and I still remember it to this day.

    Sharni |


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