How to Survive Your First Time in a Fitness Class

26 August 2017

I had never been to any kind of fitness class before joining the gym this year. In fact I was rather terrified of going. While doing a trial to see if I wanted to join the gym and pay the weekly membership fee, I knew I wanted to see if I would feel comfortable participating in a variety of aspects of the gym, before I signed up. 
Otherwise I knew the fee and contract wouldn't be worth it. 

I plucked up the courage and went to my first gym class, a 6am weights class. Which I loved! I now go to at least 3 of these classes a week and it makes up the majority of my exercise and time at the gym. 

Making the first step into a class is no small feat. 

So here are some things that I found helpful when going to a fitness class for the first time.

Arrive Early (at least 15 minutes)

Take a deep breath and go and speak to the instructor. Explain to them that you are new and this is your first class today. They will have a spiel ready to go on everything you need to know for a new class. This is a necessity! They will tell you what equipment you will need, and give you a run down of the class. Depending on where your class is, like if it's a specific yoga studio for example. You can call up and chat to them in advance and ask if there's anything you need to bring.  
When the class starts you will already feel better.

Stand near the Front

Okay I know this sounds so scary and your first thought will be to stand up near the back, but don't!
Firstly you want to be sure you have a clear view of the fitness instructor. You will be following what they're doing after all. This also allows them to see you and help you out if you need it. 

The best reason I find for standing at the front? You can't see anyone else in the class. (Well maybe in your peripherals.) I often can't help looking at what other people are doing, and comparing myself to them. It's incredibly off putting and not what I'm there for. You're there to do the class and get out.
There has been a few times where I've been stuck behind people and this is exactly what has happened.

Take any Help on Board

The first few times I was getting assisted with the weights I was so frustrated that I wasn't getting it right. The determination to not get helped again by the instructor got me doing all of the lifts and moves correctly.

 As uncomfortable as it seems, the instructor is there to help you, so if they come over to show you how to do something properly, listen and learn. They're always helping people throughout the class. It's never just you, even if it feels like it. 

Questions after the Class

A lot of questions might pop into your head during the class. At the end as everyone is packing up, go up to the instructor and ask! They will be more than happy to help, or to show you how to do something one on one.

 I was always so nervous that the gym instructor would be mean. I am not sure why, literally none of the fitness teachers I have had have been mean! Obviously it's their job to be nice to their class! They're used to questions and they've heard it all before. So ask away!

The first class is the hardest and the most awkward. Once you get through the nerves of that first class it all goes away. You'll stroll into that second class, confident AF, grabbing your equipment and wondering what you were so nervous about in the first place.

Don't forget, everyone here was new once! Just look to your instructor and try your best!

Any other tips you have for heading to your first class?

Leave them in the comments!


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  1. standing at the back also makes you put less effort in! if you're at the front, people will be looking at you so you gotta give it your all. That's my best motivator!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I'm not and never have been a fan of a group fitness class, but whenever I have gone to one I've found going with a friend always helps.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

  3. In January, my friend convinced me to go to a Pole Fitness class. I was absolutely terrified, considering at this point, I haven't worked out in almost two years and it's pole. But once I was in the actual class, it was just so much fun! (even if I feel like I'm the worst one there). My friend and I go together, since we're both newbies and it's great having a friend there for support!

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH


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