3 New Shows Worth Binge Watching

18 January 2018

You don't get to be the procrastination queen without watching a lot of tv shows in your spare time. And by spare time I mean time I should probably be doing other things. But what the hell, I'm not am I. I'm watching tv. 

So that's how I know what is worth watching, and then I can pass that good ole advice on to you. 

The End of the F***ing World

James is 17 and he's pretty sure he's a psychopath. Alyssa is also 17, she's the new girl and also a bit moody. The two of them run away together, and two teens running away is probably the only cliche thing about the entire show. Honestly I don't want to give anything away, but just watch this show. 

With only eight, 25 minute episodes. One good binge sesh and you'll be finished the entire series in no time. Wondering, what now?

Future Man

You might have heard me whinge about this show on my insta story, as the reason I hadn't been getting enough sleep this past week. I decided to watch this show because "Oh look Josh Hutcherson is in a show". I had zero idea what it was about or what it would be like and that might have been for the best. Because it's not easily explained. 

There's a lot of time travel, blood and swearing. It's another 30 minute show that you can easily smash out and be left wanting more at the end of it. A Hulu Original, sign me up for season 2!

Black Lightning

Look I might be jumping the gun on this one. There is only one episode out so far, so you'll have to wait before you attempt to binge the whole season. But I think it's going to be a good one. I've loved the main star 'Cress Williams' every since he played the loveable mayor of Bluebell on Hart of Dixie. (Another great show tbh) I'm also a big fan of the DC shows that are on the CW, so there was no way I wasn't going to give Black Lightning a watch. 

It was a strong pilot, and it laid strong groundwork for the season ahead. This will be one to wait for and watch!

All three of these shows have strong female characters in leading roles. I'm talking strong, you don't wanna mess with this chick as she will f**k you up, strong. That's what we need to see more of. 
More diversity, more strong babes front and center. 
So watch these shows, so they know that this is what we want to see!

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What new shows are you loving right now?


  1. Totally agree that we need to see more strong women in lead roles in movies and TV shows. I haven't seen any of these, but I love that that's something you can say about all three.


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