My 2018 Resolutions

9 January 2018

It’s New Years Eve, I’m writing this as I sit in our cute beach Airbnb in Stanwell Park. Thinking that this is such a great way to begin 2018. Friends and drinks and good times all around.

If you haven’t read my attempts at 2017’s resolutions, you should check them out. Because I pretty much failed them all and with poor excuses why I did. I think excuses are stupid, because either way you still didn't do the thing. But at the same time, sometimes there's a valid excuse.

I've been thinking about what I would like to do this year. I'm still thinking. I don't think there's anything that groundbreaking or exciting. But here it is. My 25th year alive.
Let's do it!

Go to the Gym at Least 3 Times a Week (+ Start a new Class)
You've probably heard me talk about Bodypump class on numerous occasions. I love it. I really do enjoy going. I went to my first class of the year on Tuesday night and it was great. Unfortunately most of the classes that I can actually attend are at 6am. Which requires a little bit more motivation to get out of bed and go to. If I can go to Bodypump, Mon/Tues/Thurs every week, I'll be so happy!

I'm super confident in attending Bodypump classes now, because I know what to do and I know I can do them. The other half of this goal is to find a new class that I love and stick to it. I'm planning on trying the Bootcamp Sessions at 5.45am (yuck!) and yoga classes.

Read More (12 Books)
I used to get busted reading novels under my desk in school, and now I read so little in needs to be a resolution? I watch a lot of tv shows, and I feel like it is easier to multitask and watch tv then it is to read a book. But I should definitely find more time to slow down, I don't need to be multitask all the time do I.

I would like to start reading in my lunch breaks.
I have been reading this at the moment and I have a few more books that I've got that I need to read as well.

Start a Skincare Regimen + Stick to it
I've actually already started! It's been about 5 days in a row now of completing my little skincare routine every night. So I'm pretty happy with how that's been going so far. I'd probably like to add a toner to the regimen. But I'm going to be doing some research on skincare and trialling new things. I actually have pretty good skin, just the occasional pimple. But I believe starting early on your skincare, leads to better skin later in life!

Shop Smarter (Especially with Clothes)
I'm a fashion instagrammer, who works in a clothing store. So bear with me. I'm talking about buying less overall, and shopping smarter. Quality over quantity. Investing in good timeless pieces that I will have for ages! Buying pieces that will go with a lot of things, not some top that only goes with one pair of pants.

I'm following the book "The Curated Closet" and I find it so helpful and informative. I want to have more of a well thought out fashion wishlist, and search for those specific items to fill my closet, instead of impulse buying random crap. I'll try to apply this to other potential shopping trips as well.

Spend Less Time on My Phone
I saw something posted recently that I really resonated with me. You have 168 hours in each week. If you work 38 hours, and sleep 8 hours a night that leaves 74 hours for other things. Those things should not be on my iphone. This is a really hard one as my main hobby that I do (occasionally) make money from is on my phone.

I love instagram, posting photos and interacting with my followers. But I'm on there too often. I'm constantly doing the mindless scroll, across different apps. In fact I was doing this New Years Eve. Instead of interacting with the people around me, and I can't even tell you why. I wasn't enjoying it, I was just doing it out of habit. I'm still going to post and be active on instagram, but I want to limit my time apart from that.

Start Planning & Book A Holiday
Next stop, Europe! We spent a lot of money in 2017 on the house, furnishing it and painting all of the walls white. Coco and her teeth being removed was also quite expensive. It meant our savings took quite a hit. But now Coco is all better! She only has a few teeth left and she is lovely and healthy. I actually don't like leaving her and going on holidays though, it makes me sad! I miss her fluffy face so much!

Anyway I've set up my savings and automatic transfers. This year I'm saving my money and I'm going to make this vacation a reality.

I only took like 9 days to finish writing this post. I'm sure I've been slower before. It at least gave me some extra time to really think about my resolutions, to know that I'm sure. I've still stuck to my skincare regimen, and I went to the gym this evening!

I don't know, that all sounds pretty promising! What do you think, all pretty reasonable goals for 2018? Tell me one of your resolutions! Let me know in the comments x

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  1. My main resolution for 2018 is to save (it is actually my word for the year!), I have a 4 week trip to Europe booked for the end of August, so I definitely need to curb my spending habits, if I want to enjoy this trip!! All of your resolutions are quite realistic, and the fact you are already doing most of them, means you are off to a great start!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  2. All of your resolutions for this year are super realistic and almost align perfectly with mine - especially trying to shop smarter! I, too work in retail and boy oh boy it's hard to refrain. But this will be the year we show the world who's in control of our retail therapy habits! Good luck with smashing the rest of your 2018 resolutions!

    Renée Xx ||

  3. I loved reading The Curated Closet and made a really big effort last year to declutter my wardrobe and only make new purchases that I loved and that I knew I would wear, and it really has made such a difference to my mindset and has helped me hone in on my personal style really well and has made style fun for me again, after feeling like I was in a rut for a few years. So I definitely recommend sticking to that resolution for the year because it's been great for me! And good luck with your skincare routine too! You're 100% right, the earlier you get into good habits and a good routine with your skincare, the better skin you will have later in life, for sure.

  4. Well best of luck with your goals for 2018, I feel like I should have added a few more of these to my own resolution list! I'm definitely with you on the skincare routine though, I really just need to stick to mine! Xx

    Kez |


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