Aveda's Beautifying Radiance Polish

28 September 2018

I'm here to give you a quick review of a new product that I've picked up at Suki Hairdressing and have been trialling. Suki now stocks a range of products from Aveda, including this delicious body scrub.

The Beautifying Radiance Polish is the most moisturising body scrub I've probably ever tried. My skin, especially my legs tend to get extra dry during the winter months. As they're hidden beneath jeans every day. They get super itchy! This is because they're so dry, and I'm often too lazy to do a full body moisturise like my poor body probably needs me to.

The packaging is easy to use whilst in the shower, with a flip up cap and not a screw top. Though last time I used it, I totally forgot and just unscrewed the entire lid anyway. Because well you can if you really want to.

The scrub is in a beautiful moisture-rich plant oil blend, so even though you're doing a scrub it doesn't feel rough on your skin. Flip the lid and start scooping it out and rubbing it on your skin. 

I love to focus on the extra rough areas like knees and elbows. Then go nuts all over my legs, because that's generally the area I have on display and wish to be super soft and sleek.

Once you've given your entire bod a scrub a dub, make sure you rinse it all off before getting out of the shower. The scrub moisturises with a nourishing blend of certified organic sunflower, safflower and olive oils. 

It also smells amazing, containing certified organic rosemary, lavender, bergamot and other pure flower and plant essences. This scrub is certified cruelty free, with testing only on humans. 

After exiting your shower, towel dry your skin gently so as not to rub off any of the moisturising residue. I would recommend hanging around for a little bit, allowing the oils to soak in before dressing or hopping into bed. As I felt a little bit greasy straight away. 

But it's all worth it in the end, as my skin was so super soft! Exfoliated and moisturised. 
I can definitely recommend!

Thanks for letting me give this a go Suki! 

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