Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion

12 October 2018

My love affair with Avene started over a year ago now. After reading an article online about skincare that the French swear by, I knew I had to try Avene. I always do my research before I invest in a new skincare label, as you should. So after poring over the Avene website and various reviews I had a shopping list in hand and headed to my local stockist (Priceline in this case) and started collecting items from their famed Cleanance range. I've been hooked ever since!

When Avene reached out and asked if I wanted to try their new Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion, of course I jumped at the chance.

I've never had much trouble with acne. Not compared to some other people. I would say that I have had the typical teenage and hormonal acne. Pimples that flare up on occasion, like after having my period or a bout of sickness. Other times when I've just not been looking after myself and my skin and it has shown. I'm also a bit of a picker. I just can't look at a pimple on my face and not touch it! Something that I'm still working on today. 

I think it's impossible to feel your best during an acne flare up. Especially if you're unsure on how you should be treating it, and if that treatment has even been working.

I have been using the Avene products that I was sent for about 6-8 weeks now. It goes so quick! I still use my Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel every night. The first Avene product that I ever bought!
My skin is currently the clearest it has ever been, and I can definitely say that Avene and the products from their Cleanance range are to thank for helping to maintain that!

I started using the Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion instead of foundation in the morning. 
Many moisturisers and cosmetic products can worsen or cause acne. Products labelled ‘oil free’ and ‘suitable for acne-prone skin’ are a good start, but even some of these can make acne worse for some people. 

The Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion is a creamy tinted emulsion that spreads easily and is quickly absorbed. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and mattified, and it helps to even out my skin tone and provide a healthy glow. Its unique formula prevents and controls blemishes and blackheads thanks to advanced ingredients.

Diolényl® helps limit the proliferation of skin bacteria, reduce redness and eliminate spots and blackheads
X-PressinTM smooths the skin's texture
Monolaurin helps regulate the hyperproduction of sebum
Avène Thermal Spring Water provides all its soothing and anti-irritating benefits

A little peek at my Avene collection...
Now on days where I want to wear foundation, I know that it's not to hide anything, it's only to feel a bit glam with the added makeup. I still wear my Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion underneath my foundation as well so that I know my skin is still being looked after underneath all that makeup. The lotion doesn't affect foundation in any way either, I can safely say it doesn't make your makeup patchy or anything!

My morning routine before applying any makeup has been applying Cleanance Micellar Water to the face, eyelids and neck using a cotton pad. It has been good at removing my makeup of a night as well. It leaves the skin clear, cool and clean afterwards. 

Then I have been following with a light mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water. This product has been tested by dermatologists, it provides soothing and anti-irritating benefits for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin. My skin is generally pretty good overall, but a spritz of this still feels lovely. 

Finally, I apply the Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion. Which I either leave for the whole day or I go ahead with my regular makeup. My night time skincare routine contains a few more steps, but I'll leave that for another time. 

You can find pretty much all of the Avene products at My Chemist Warehouse, and the  Avene Cleanance Expert Tinted Lotion is even on sale right now!

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  1. Ahhh I've always wanted to try Avene! I've heard such good things about it that every time I pass it in the store, I'm close to just buying everything haha! I should really start trying their products cause this sounds lovely <3

    Hannah / stained tale


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