Pound Paws x The Merrier

8 November 2018

I’ve teamed up with The Merrier and Pound Paws to raise much-needed funds to help the rehoming of abandoned pets around Australia. This is a cause that's very close to my heart, as my own cat (a ragdoll named Coco) is a rescue herself. 

A few years ago my partner and I decided it was time to adopt. Our very first pet! I was set on having a cat, as I had never had one but had always been an animal lover. My partner Josh, not so much. But wanted to make me happy so he was keen to grant my wishes with a kitten. 

I knew I wanted to adopt a rescue. There are so many cats and dogs out there that need saving and people are still going to breeders and pet shops (often filled with animals from puppy farms). With all the false information out there, people think that they won't be able to get a worthwhile pet from a rescue. Which couldn't be further from the truth! 

I found it hard to know where to start when wanting to adopt a rescue cat. Eventually after a lot of searching, (I was very determined) I found some rescues via facebook and just waited for the perfect cat to come along and there she was! My little Coco! Or "Bunnykins" as her rescue mum had named her. She was the sweetest little thing, abandoned in a gutter with her little brother when they were only a few weeks old. Both of them had gotten sick with cat flu, and Coco's eyes were both terribly infected.

By the time she came to live with me, at four months old she was well on the way to recovery. The benefits of finally being in her furever home did her wonders! Coco became stronger every day and we both loved her with all of our hearts! Our little rescue became a true part of our family. 

About Pound Paws

Programs like Pound Paws make it so much easier for people like me to find and adopt rescue animals. There tends to be a lot of online resources when it comes to adopting from a breeder, which just adds to the notion that purebred is the "easy way out" when it comes to adopting. 

Pound Paws was started in April 2014 and towards the end of 2015, they became an incorporated association and registered as a charity. Pound Paws believes that rescues and pounds are often not visible enough to the public eye, and there is a need to increase awareness about animals available from rescues and pounds. The foundation was formed as a desperate attempt to help re-home animals that find themselves on death row each year. It is believed that a devastating 250,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats are put down each year. 

Their aim is to use modern technology and social media to help rehome abandoned pets in Australia.
Pound Paws has mainly been focused on finding furever homes for cats and dogs; however, its services also extend to other animals including rabbits, horses, pigs, and goats. Since it was formed, Pound Paws has posted the details of thousands of animals available for adoption from different rescues and pounds and helped these animals find homes. They currently have over 20,000 followers on social media, most of whom would probably not otherwise have been introduced to these animals who need homes.

How Can You Help?

 Pound Paws need to raise $7,000 to develop a brand new website that will allow its network of 150 pounds to upload beautiful photos and stories about the pets that need rehoming. The ease of access when it comes to technology nowadays is crucial when it comes to getting consumers to actually want to use, and continue to use your product. Having a database that is easy to update and to search through would be a game changer for all those pets in pounds.

To help raise funds The Merrier have partnered with 5 amazing and sustainable pet brands to help support the Pound Paws campaign through the sale of their products. These include: WAG Dog Treats, East Coast Collective dog toys, Frontier Pets dog food, Pawfect Earth dog accessories and Essential Dog grooming products.

Grab your doggo some sustainable treats and 100% of the proceeds will go straight to Pound Paws.
There are so many great products available like the EcoWeave dog leads made from post-consumer recycled materials and the Deer Antler dog chew, rich with the good stuff like calcium and phosphorous, they help scrape away tartar build-up in your pup's mouth. The antlers are shed by deer and just left in the wild, making it such a good resource to take advantage of.

So get into the store and pick your pet some goodies! You'll be contributing to a great cause at the same time!

Head to the Pound Paws x Merrier Store

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