New Year, New Me with Suki

31 January 2019

I'm super excited to continue my venture with Suki Hairdressing this year! I'm all about keeping my hair looking fresh, so I've had a good look through Pinterest to see maybe what I'd like to do with it for 2019.
Then hopefully Hannah can tell me if I'm dreaming or if my goals are realistic/attainable.
So here are some of my favourite pins.


I would love to grow my hair a little bit longer again. I'm thinking just below my collarbones is the ideal length for me. I said recently that I want to be able to wear a cute hat and see my hair beneath it from the back. Hey, you have got to have goals.
The length of my hair and bangs is what I'm thinking for 2019!


Surprise, the bangs are staying. I have been getting Hannah to thin them out on my visits which have kept them a bit more manageable in between cuts. I like to keep it fairly far up my face and way from my brows. I'm also a firm believer in that if it's too short, it'll grow back anyway.

Most Importantly... COLOUR

Here is where I want to mix it up the most or at least go back to a colour I had a long while ago. 
I'm still very adamant about keeping the colour of my roots natural. Just as it allows for very little upkeep. I would love to keep the light and bright ends of my hair but have a more golden honey colour in between. A little caramel perhaps. I'm probably describing the colour poorly, so that's what photos are for!
So overall really warm up the tones, 
In the end, I trust my hairdresser and when she tells me what we can and can't do with my hair I believe her! I also know that we'll always work towards something I love!
I've got an appointment next week just before I go to Melbourne. I can't wait!
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