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8 February 2019

When it comes to going to the gym, one of the hardest parts is actually finding the motivation to go. I go to classes at Lissome that start at 6am. You have to get there at least 10 minutes early, (15 preferably) to get warmed up. Which means I have to go to bed early and get out of bed at like 5.25am. Whilst it’s all well and good joining your local gym, actually turning up regularly to work out is what makes the difference.

Whether you’re joining to help get in shape or to help yourself gain some strength, finding that encouragement is important. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to encourage yourself to get to the gym:

Set Yourself Goals And Targets

If you are struggling to motivate yourself to get started, setting yourself goals and targets is a great way to stay on track. Goals are the perfect way to hold yourself accountable as if you start to notice you’re not achieving them, it will hopefully make you work much harder.

If you’re struggling to set any or you don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself, why not set your goal as simply turning up to the gym two days a week? It's a great start and one that's easily measured.

Consider Going With A Buddy

If you find it hard to get motivated on your own, consider inviting a friend along with you. Having someone that is also relying on you to visit the gym with them is the perfect way to ensure you show up. You can set goals together and hopefully motivate each other as work out together. Plus, the gym is much more fun when you have someone to experience it with!

This is definitely true when it comes to working out as a girl gang group at Lissome!

Go At A Time That Best Suits You

Sometimes people set themselves unrealistic times to visit the gym, often putting them off going at all. Consider the best time that works for your schedule - without making any ridiculous compromises - and make this the official time you’re going to visit the gym each week. Whether it means getting up a little bit earlier or getting home from work a little late, slotting it into your routine is a great motivator. For me, even though getting up super early is a bit offputting, I know that I'm not eating into any of my very limited free time, instead, it is time that I would have spent sleeping, and while sleep is important I'd prefer to use it to exercise.

Create A Home Gym So You Can Work Out At Home

If you are really struggling to find the motivation to go out to the gym and would rather work out at home, why not consider creating your own home gym? This gives you a great opportunity to tailor your experience to you, without having to wait for a machine to be free or without having to leave the comfort of your own home. If this sounds like something you’d prefer, you can find fitness equipment and gym accessories here. 

My mum is able to work on her strength at her own pace and away from everyone else in her home gym and she loves it! It might not be for you, as it takes a different kind of motivation to work out at home. But maybe it's exactly what you need!

Track Your Progress

A great motivator for those who are struggling with the gym is to track your progress as you go along. I love using my Fitbit firstly, to track calories consumed and burned on a daily basis. You can see if attending the gym is making a real difference to your lifestyle, and then it will encourage you to keep going! A great way to do this is to take monthly pictures that you can view side by side. Sometimes it's easy to not notice your own progress, as you see yourself all the time. I definitely feel like this on days. Even though I know I am stronger!

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Are you trying to encourage yourself to go to the gym more? What are your best words of encouragement? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I recently started going to the gym so this came just in time! :-) I think the hardest part is literally getting there. Once I'm there, I love it. I love working out and the feeling I get afterwards.

    Hannah / Words & Latte


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