Why You Need a Shampoo Brush

22 February 2019 2 Ocean St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

I recently got given this gorgeous shampoo brush from my favs at Suki Hairdressing and I think the way that I wash my hair has forever changed.

The shampoo massager brush from the girls at Lifestyle Notion, has come into my life and is now a permanent addition to my shower and hair routine for both me and my boyfriend Josh.

The brush invigorates your scalp by gently lifting away dead skin cells and increasing the blood flow to your scalp.

The bristles in the shampoo brush are designed to really grip the scalp and give a lovely massaging experience.  You can control just how gently you use the brush and whether you like a deep head massage so really, it’s up to you to decide on the right pressure.

I mostly use mine in the shower while washing my hair. The belief behind stimulating your scalp is that the blood rushes to the follicles, nourishing them with what they need to encourage healthy hair growth.  Massaging your scalp using a shampoo brush scalp massager is also a very enjoyable experience. Who doesn't love a good head massage!

Shampoo brushes have various benefits:
  • Scalp massage can boost capillaries which increase blood circulation and moves oxygen and nutrients through to each strand of hair
  • It can stimulate hormone and oil-producing glands so the oil coats the hair too, moisturising it naturally 
  • It helps to keep the pores of the hair and scalp open so they breathe freely, it can also help with crusty and flakey scalp caused by seborrheic dermatitis
These shampoo brushes are made for use in the shower whenever you wash your hair.  So you can use them as often as you wash your hair.  But always thoroughly rinse them out to avoid product build-up because if you don’t, they could distribute build up back into your hair.

There isn't any reason why these brushes should be damaging to your hair or your scalp as long as you use yours properly.  If you pull or tug them through your hair roughly, you will get resistance and you may cause some breakage.  So you should treat your hair with respect and go easy on them.
Other than that, these brushes are developed to help encourage healthy hair growth.

What do you think?
Would you give one a go?

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  1. Oh wow that looks so cool! Definitely something I need

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  2. I got one of these! I can't wait for it to arrive!

    Hannah / Words & Latte


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