The Best Ways to Explore a New City

17 April 2019

Being able to explore your surroundings is a huge reason why people go on vacation, and it’s something we always look forward to when we’re planning to head to a new place for the first time. We want to get to know our surroundings, and we want to get to know all the ins and outs of the city we’re staying in - where to go for breakfast, where to have a picnic, where the best nightlife crowds around etc.

But how do you explore a new city in the most effective, and most fun, way? What can you do to make sure you’re not missing out on any good destinations, in the potentially little time you have there?

Be a Little Spontaneous

You don’t want a rigid plan to work off of when you’re in a new city for the first time; you want to be a little bit spontaneous with where you go and what you choose to do. After all, if you have a strict itinerary, you’re going to rush your way around, and feel like you’ve missed out if you get on the plane home again without ticking every destination off of the list.

So let yourself mosey around a little, without feeling guilty about walking past what seems like a hotspot. Hey, it’s a great excuse for coming back again for another vacation!

Hire a Car

There’s a lot of big cities out there, especially if you’ve travelled to the capital of another country. Places like Washington D.C in America, or Reykjavik in Iceland, are culturally rich places full of people and monuments - how are you going to get around them efficiently? By hiring a car.

There’s always going to be a cluster of vehicle hire companies around the airport when you touch down. For example, if you’re in Australia, why not look up Bayswater Car Rentals? There’s a lot of different rental options out there, whether you’re needing a camper van to get the whole family around, or you need a car that’s capable of off roading.

Strike Up a Conversation

The locals in the city you’ve found yourself in are a gold mine for any traveller, so don’t let yourself be shy here! Strike up a conversation: ask them where they like to go, or what the best beer to order is. Even just stand next to them at the museum and talk about the exhibition in front of you - it’s a great starting point for making yourself a friend across international waters. You might even be able to stay on their sofa if you ever decide to come back!

So, will you be off on an adventure soon? Will you be kicking back with the people on the street, and heading off to visit the best bars with them? Or would you rather stay in the car and take the scenic routes? Either way, these are two very good ways to explore a new city!

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  1. I totally agree with everything here! I love not using a map but asking locals and stores for the way instead (if I'm not in a hurry). Being spontaneous is key imo!

    Hannah / Words & Latte


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