3 Reasons Your Need a Home Gym

26 April 2019

Getting a home gym does seem like quite an extravagant idea. But think about it for a minute. How much do you spend on your gym membership each year? And, a slightly meaner question, how often do you actually go? 

When you go to the gym you have to sweat with strangers staring at you, get showered and dressed without the home comforts of your own bathroom and, to top it off, the machine you really wanted to use is often being hogged by someone else. Imagine a space where none of these problems apply. Imagine a home gym

Breaking Down the Unit Cost

You spend a set amount on your gym membership a month but the unit cost is that membership fee divided by the number of visits you actually make. If you’re like almost half of all Australians with a gym membership, you probably don’t manage to go twice a week. The less you go, the more expensive that visit is. Indeed, if you only make it to the gym once a month, it probably costs you just shy of $100 per trip! 

Instead of spending this money on a service you never use, you could cancel your gym membership and save up for your own home gym. With just a few months of saving, you could easily afford one of the best home gym systems. And if you still need persuading, you should work out your unit cost after purchase; the more you work out, the cheaper your equipment is.

Save Time, Workout More

When your gym is a few blocks away, getting there adds to your time expenditure. Fitting in a couple of 30 minute workouts a week might not sound much but add in the travel time and the shower time and you can easily spend a couple of hours at a time. 

But this problem is entirely eliminated with a home gym. Not only can you be working out within 5 minutes of deciding to, you can also keep your healthy post-workout smoothie in the fridge ready. And, even better, when you have your own shower and hair dryer, you can be ready to get on with your life much faster afterwards!

Your Friends Will Love You (Even More)

Having a home gym might sound like a solo exploit but actually, with the money you have saved on your gym membership, you can build up your home gym to include a few different machines. And nothing will go down better with your friends. 

Working out with a friend is one of the best ways to get motivated. If they arrive at your house all geared up and ready to go, you the worst that can happen is that you will get guilt tripped into joining them. The best that can happen is that you encourage each other to push a bit harder and keep going to build your stamina. 

Though the cost of creating a home gym is quite high at the outset, you will quickly reap the benefits and see savings each month. So, hop to it!

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