Get Yourself into a Good Routine!

11 May 2019

A good routine is something we definitely all need in our lives, but most definitely don't have. To have a good routine, it feels like you have to have your whole life in order, and we just can't relate to that. 

With so much going on on a daily basis, and so many things to think about every single day, it seems impossible to think about actually getting into a good routine. Instead, we just spend our time going from daily task to daily task, trying to see if we can get everything done in a day. And can we? No, we usually don't. 

But feeling beautiful is something that we all want in our lives, and we feel it's so easy to achieve it if you can just get yourself into a better routine. So I'm going to try and help you out here, and show you what a good routine can do for your beauty!

Let's Start With Your Sleeping Pattern

Your sleeping pattern is no doubt all over the place at the minute, and we know that's something that's so hard to change what with work and other social commitments, and the fact that your body just isn't wired to sleep at the right time if you're out of a good routine, we're just not getting that essential beauty sleep we need. 

So the first thing you need to try and do, is make your room a haven of comfort. You want to have the comfiest bed, and if you visit this website, you can! The comfier your bed is to get into, the easier it's going to be to fall asleep quickly. Mattress toppers and a nice furry throw are the best for this. 

Leaving technology away from you is also so important, as this is really the biggest distractor for so many of us. 

Trying to get yourself into bed an hour before you actually need to fall asleep should also help! Maybe play some calming music, keep the room nice and dark, and just generally feel peaceful in your room. Getting 8 hours of sleep or more will refresh your mind, body, and help to keep your skin nice and youthful!

Thinking About Your Morning Routine

A morning routine is so essential, and if you're someone who always sits at work feeling like you could nod off every single hour, a morning routine might change that. Not only that but if you get into a routine you'll look fresher and feel more beautiful. So start by exfoliating and moisturising to get your skin fresh. 

Prime your face with just a drug store primer to help even out pores and smooth the skin. Apply just a light layer of foundation, just to preserve the skin. For those of you who put loads of each day, the quality of your skin will deteriorate so quick. Then apply whatever else you like to apply, and head for breakfast. 

The most important meal of the day by far! It'll give you that fresh feeling you're looking for. Try if you can to drink around a litre of water as well. It'll energise your body, hydrate your skin, and just help you to feel amazing.

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