11 Tricks For An Improved Pout

23 July 2019

A full pout is fast becoming the new must have beauty accessory. If you’re dreaming of fuller lips, but don’t want to resort to surgery, there are some clever tricks to plump up your pout.

  1. Get rid of dry, flaky skin. Dry lips won’t reflect the light very well, so exfoliate them regularly to keep them smooth. Wet an old toothbrush and buff it over the lips in small circles. You could also use a soft flannel or a lip scrub.
  2. Try a lip plumping product. There are many new lip plumping balms hitting the market every day, some of which really do boost your lips to more fullness. Try a few to find the best one for you. Look for ingredients like peppermint. The mint stimulates blood flow into the lips, making them fuller.
  3. Invest in lip fillers. Non-surgical lip augmentation gives you the pout of your dreams, with much longer-lasting results than plumping lip balms.
  4. Give yourself more surface area for lipstick. Cover your natural lips with a concealer, going slightly outside the natural line of your lip. For a sharper line, draw around this new lip shape with your lip liner. Then apply your lipstick to the new shape for a mouth that looks larger and fuller.
  5. Use a clear lip gloss to create more light reflection on the lips, for the illusion of fullness. Apply it all over, or just create a highlight with a dab of gloss in the centre of each lip.
  6. Give your pout dimension with a shading trick. Apply a nude lipstick all over the lips. Take a second nude lipstick in a slightly lighter shade and apply it only to the middle of your lips. This creates contour, making them look fuller. If your lips are uneven, use this trick on the thinner lip to help balance them out.
  7. Apply a line of concealer around the edges of your mouth, after you’ve put on lipstick. This helps your lip shade to really pop, giving the idea that your lips are larger and stand out more.
  8. Make the most of whatever natural fullness your lips have, and stay hydrated. A hydrated lip will naturally be fuller. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. Before putting on lipstick, apply a hydrating lip balm.
  9. When applying highlighter, add a dab of it to the middle of your cupid’s bow, just above your top lip. This creates the illusion of light being reflected, bring the top lip forward. Add shadow under the bottom lip by dusting on a subtle line of bronzer.
  10. Choose your lip shade wisely. Avoid darker colours, as these can actually make your lips appear flatter than they really are. Instead, pull light to your lips and make them seem fuller by choosing nudes or paler pink shades.
  11. Apply your usual lipstick, as you usually would. With a white liner, draw a soft white line down the middle of your lip. Tap the line gently with your finger to blend it into the lipstick until it almost disappears. This is a great way to add a subtle highlight.
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