The 3 Most Common Mistakes Those Planning A Home Renovation Can Make

23 July 2019

Home renovations can be quite the handful. Often there is quite a lot more to it than just having the right budget and organising the professionals to come in and do their work. It can be a lengthy process one made more difficult if council approval is hard to come by. This, of course, doesn't mean you should shy away from the task! You just need to make sure you are properly prepared and ready to tackle any of the challenges that fall your way in order to experience that dream renovation. 

However, like any set of plans, it’s important to craft them while remaining as informed as possible. So in order to overcome these issues, I want to help you consider and better yet, hopefully, avoid the mistakes that may have fallen your way. After all, unless you already have plenty of experience in this area it can be so easy to overlook loads of responsibilities that need consideration.

Drawing Up Inexperienced Plans

 No doubt you already have beautiful plans laid out for your renovation and can quite happily see them coming to fruition. However, home planning can be complex, particularly when you have to consider things like dimensions, plumbing needs and possibilities, electrical issues and material use let alone structural support of walls and the like. This is why going through your plans with a registered architect can have you avoid any mistakes you might have fallen into on your own. 

Underestimating Time-For-Completion

It’s important to be realistic and keep a rational mind when putting your renovation plans in place. However, this can be such an easy trap to fall into without experience. Any number of issues can cause a delay in the various aspects of the renovation work. In addition, renovation work can highlight issues with the existing structures that need to be repaired or rectified before the new work can even begin. In short, there are many complexities and elements often out of your control when it comes to home renovation. This is why ensuring you get professional services you can trust and being realistic about the construction timelines is important. If you have your plans run through by the appropriate people and have them provide a potential timeline you can manage expectations and not be taken by surprise.

Not Researching Services

This ties into the last point. Ensure that the professionals and services you require can commit to the job and the time needed for its completion as well as being trustworthy and reliable. Essentially what it comes down to is researching the people you are enlisting to make sure that uphold a common standard of practice that you are satisfied with. For example, make sure your skip hire provider disposes of all waste responsibly or ensuring the tradesmen are aware of any additional regulation required due to your environment and area. Completing this research and seeking out reviews or recommendations from others who have had work done for them will ensure the work you have done is to the highest standard and quality

With just a few simple tips you can avoid many of the common issues budding home renovators often find themselves in. Following them and being prepared will help make sure your home renovation process is as smooth as possible.

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