Brilliant Space Saving Ideas For Tiny Spaces

11 July 2019

When living in the city we all know space can be at a premium. At times decorating tight areas, especially if you're not used to living in such a cosy space, can seem rather daunting. Ideally, you'd like to fit in as much as possible without your space feeling claustrophobic.

Don't feel overwhelmed though, it is possible to have a stylish space filled with your individual personality and vibe even when the room you've got to work in is minimal. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction to have you feeling inspired about your space  

Whether you're just starting out in your first little studio apartment or are just trying to downsize your space by being more sustainable and minimalistic, I've put together a few tips and tricks to get your space feeling exactly the way you want it!

Optimise Floor Space

Floor space can be at an absolute premium when you're trying to navigate confined areas. A stylish and incredibly practical way to get around this is by skipping the floor altogether and utilising the walls as floating storage. Consider getting built in wardrobes to keep all of your essentials hidden and out of the way. Invest in wall and ceiling lights instead of floor lamps to really make your space look bigger.

Going For Fold

Desks, dining tables and beds are essential pieces for everyday life but more than likely you are not using them all the time. Consider installing pieces that can fold up and away when not in use. It frees up huge amounts of space and makes your room look streamlined and clean. It is also a great way to stay more organised, forcing you to clean up all those stacks of paper and odds and ends that I'm certainly guilting of letting get away from me!

Let There Be Light

Small spaces can often be dark and dingy due to minimal or even non-existent window space. Boosting the light sources in spaces like this can drastically improve the area and really add a positive atmosphere to a previously dark room. Obviously, as you are already working in a small area you have to be smart with your lighting choices. Again the walls can be your friend here, using mounted or ceiling lights will avoid taking up too much space. The type of light bulbs you use can make a huge difference too! I like to go for white light over the warm yellow style bulbs as they mimic natural light more closely.  These sorts of lightbulbs really make up for the lack of natural light to create a fresh and cosy atmosphere.

Mirror On The Wall

If you're unable to add more light to the room, consider adding the next best thing. Mirrors! Reflective surfaces are the best way to trick the eye into thinking that you're blessed with an abundance of space. Place them facing natural light sources and they will bounce the available light around the room making it seem less dingy. Use a mirror as a cheap and easy decorating idea to add a touch of glamour to your room.

Go Bold and Bright

Having a small home doesn't need to be boring. Even a rental can be spruced up in a way that will keep your landlord smiling. Go for your own personal style in order to make the place your own. I'm a massive fan of leafy greens and all things plants. Personal touches like this go a really long way in adding personality and homeliness to previously boring areas. 
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