Tips For Creating Your Home Office Space

16 July 2019

If you are running your own business, you may well be thinking about creating a specific workspace within your home. It is important to look for opportunities to expand, reuse or even add space that you can call your own. Achieving this can give you a place to work in peace without the hustle and bustle of family life and other distractions.

Here, I'm going to share some tips to help you create a modern, light and comfortable office space, allowing you to focus on your goals.

Under The Stairs

If you don't need a lot of space the area under your stairs, if you have them, can be a perfect little office hideaway. You can either opt for a more simplistic design option by popping a desk and chair in the space or be a little fancy and imaginative by using a home design service to create built-in shelves and furniture, which will give you more storage and workspace. If you need a particular desk shape to fit your space, online stores like office monster have pretty much every shape desk imaginable! 
You will, of course, need to get the electricity sorted, and make sure the lighting is good- make sure you use a licensed electrician for this job. If you wanted further privacy a door or partition could be added to hide you away even more!

Garden Room

If you are lucky enough to have a garden room that's not in use, you could consider having it insulated and working from there. This will provide you with a space secluded from the rest of your house allowing you that privacy and freedom from distraction. Once again, it is important that you use the relevant qualified professionals to kit out your office ensuring everything is safe for you and anyone else occupying the space.

Loft Space

Loft space is so often underutilised with many people just letting such a unique and versatile area go to waste. If this is you it might be time to start considering converting it into a fully-fledged office space. Of course, not all loft spaces are appropriate and you may need to ensure the supports are strong enough and the ceiling heights are adequate. If pulled off correctly you'll not only have given yourself the perfect office space but further improved and benefited your overall home aesthetic. You can fill it with not only your work stuff but things like a TV, some gaming devices, and the best gaming bean bag chairs you can find! That way it can be a productive space and somewhere to relax all at once. 

Utility Room

If you are short on space and it's not possible to extend your house for an office area other solutions are available to you. Providing you have a suitable utility-style area you may consider dividing it to give yourself an office space within the room. After all, neither room needs to be particularly big! Creativity is key here and you can go as big or as small as you'd like opting either for a simple partition or fully installing a new wall and door to create your new space.


If you don't use your garage, you can turn it into a workspace quite easily. Again, you will need a little creativity and something to help you regulate the temperature in the hotter and cooler months in order to get the best out of the space. Furthermore, if your garage doesn't have windows an alternative light source and way to allow for air ventilation might need to be found.

Beyond the ideas I've listed above for you there are often many underused or wasted spaces within homes and often all it takes is a little outside the box thinking and creativity to make the most of them. You may well be surprised at how many places can be converted into the perfect little home office!
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