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4 July 2019

Alarm - teeth - coffee - keys - run.

Or maybe it’s.

Alarm - snooze - alarm - snooze - rush.

Both of those will inevitably end up with a large helping of stress on the side too. Most people are so stuck in the routine of being tired, not going to bed, going to bed too late, waking up and feeling tired. Then, the smallest thing makes you turn into an irrational, angry bear. It’s a horrible cycle but still, one that many people find themselves in.

But, you, Yogi Bear, can break that cycle.

Injecting mindfulness into your day, in small ways, will put paid to the build-up of frustration. Implementing the tactics for when the pressure is on, and the stress is a bit too much. Learning how to manage negative thoughts and love yourself a little bit more - is all part and parcel. But, it isn’t a quick fix and won’t happen overnight either.

However, here are some tips for you to get started with.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash


It might feel a bit awkward at first, and those stretches that look so easy, turn out to be quite some feat indeed. But, luckily you can start yoga just once a week in the comfort of your own home. You’ll need some stretchy yoga pants, a few good youtube tutorials and to check out yoga mats to find something that you like.

Eventually, you are probably going to want to head out to classes, but you can work up to that if you wish. Yoga focuses on breathing, stretching and relaxing your muscles. All good things, than can help you unwind. 


If you have always admired those who can meditate for a while, then you can be one of those people. If you want. Meditation, specifically guided meditation, can help you focus on topics, answer questions and deal with other things. Headspace and the Calm app provide many sessions that you can choose from. From managing workspace issues to dealing with your past. Simply select what you need and get started. It’s not easy at; first, you might find that 3-4 minutes in your mind wanders, part of mindfulness is bringing it back.

When we don’t feel like we have a purpose, it is easy to focus on negative things, to drift and feel lost. Each morning, (because you’re totally going to start getting up earlier, and going to bed earlier) say out loud something that you want to get done. If you have a work project, you’d like to complete, or an issue you would like to resolve - make that the purpose of the day. Set your goals

You Time

If there are things you used to enjoy but haven’t made time for lately, it might be time to dust off that part of you and kick it into action again. Running, drawing, reading… anything that you used to enjoy that brings you happiness and peace should be on your daily or weekly rota.

Treating yourself with respect, and letting yourself indulge and enjoy what you love is just the start of what can be a revolutionary journey - so take your first steps now.

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