How Prepared For Disaster Is Your Home (And You)?

6 July 2019

It's not really something we’d want to think about! Wherever we live in the world, there is a potential for some sort of disaster. And while you can sleep soundly in your bedroom at night thinking that you live in an area that's not necessarily prone to flooding or tornadoes, that doesn't mean you should not have a plan in place. Is there any way we can prepare our homes, but also, ourselves, for a natural disaster? 

Go Over The Home’s Weaknesses

We live in a world where things aren’t built to last anymore. As such, we've got to go over our home and look at what the potential weak aspects are. You may find that there are issues with your plumbing, or water pumps, as such, ensuring you have pump repairs done as a matter of priority will help keep you ahead of the game. Also look at the materials of your home, such as the walls. If they aren't sturdy concrete, but are more flimsy material, as many new properties are, you've got to think about how it would fare in a disaster setting.

Get Into The Emergency Mindset

While you could do practice drills, it's all about preparing. What would happen in the scenario that your home was flooded, or a natural disaster occurs? Think about, not just the survival aspects, but what you would do in an event like this. From evacuation plans to the emergency contacts for specific situations, you need to have a thorough knowledge of everything. It's always worth having an emergency kit packed that provides you with the essentials for a couple of days, such as water, torches, and first aid supplies.

Have A Plan Should You All Get Separated

In an emergency situation, family members could end up apart from each other, this means that it's not just ensuring that you stick together, but have an idea of what to do should you be separated. While these days it's easy to keep in contact through mobile phones if you have young children that end up being separated from you, it's always worth having a plan in place, either so they find somewhere to wait for you, or you give them the directions to a loved one’s home.

Don't Forget Your Insurance

When we live in certain areas, if they are prone to disaster, the insurance premiums rise, which could mean that we don't think of it as an essential payment. Or it's just too expensive. In the event of an emergency happening, and your home gets completely gutted out, you'd have to get in contact with your insurance company. The insurance claims process can be long, drawn-out, and ultimately, frustrating, and this means that you need to have your list of contents and worldly possessions up-to-date. The insurance process is the last thing on our mind when an emergency strikes, but we still need to have these things in place.

Is your home prepared for a disaster? There are numerous ways to foolproof your home ready for a disaster, but it's also about being sure that you are ready as well. We can think that our home will withstand any sort of weather, but we can't always take that chance.

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