Renewing Your Self-Image Is More Than Possible

31 July 2019

Our self-image is something that all of us have and that personal perception can range from healthy to unhealthy. Small details about your physical appearance how you express yourself can fill you with confidence or expose insecurities you may hold. While others might not see a single thing wrong with those ‘flaws,’ you might think they are everything. Ultimately having a strong sense of self and being able to hold yourself high with confidence is important.

For those of us with a strong self-image, it can be hard to adapt when life changes us in a way we might not have expected. Sometimes things outside of our control can change us and alter the self-image we hold. Whether or not these changes should even be considered flaws might not matter if you fixate and convince yourself they are. Caring for yourself and nurturing that self-image is far more important however and provided you look after yourself those actions can hold weight. Your self-worth and the confidence you feel about your personal image are more than just the physical, your worth and character are more than that.

At times it can be hard to let go of these notions however so here are some ideas to help guide you towards a strong sense of self!

Let Your Flag Fly

Find the joy in your individuality! Often it's easy to be caught up in our differences and how our appearance may not fit the social norms. This doesn't have to be a cause for concern though as you can use that difference to express your unique flair. Be proud and let your flag fly. Something like hair loss in women might be getting you down but it definitely doesn't need to! Take inspiration in others and rock the look!

There are many examples of beautiful and confident women sporting the same look so take inspiration from them. Adapting your attitude can certainly take some getting used to but as soon as you start owning it and stop seeing it as a weakness you'll be on your way to stronger self-image. Be confident in yourself and don't let your difference be a weakness but instead a strength. Letting your flag fly free can be the call to action you need in order to become your best self.

Who Told You Those Norms?

Don't hold yourself to the so-called 'social norms' you see on the internet. In many cases how people are portrayed in this world are an exaggeration of reality and comparing yourself to this isn't going to do you any good. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Try to draw confidence from things that you may see as flaws rather than allowing them to damage your self-image. When you begin to consider to what extent you are holding yourself to a standard of reality that doesn't exist it can begin to change the narrative and allow you to be more open and comfortable with who you are.

Be A Friend To Yourself

Be a friend to yourself. Don't add your voice to the sea of negativity that exists instead hold yourself up and be supportive of your self-worth. When you look in the mirror see a friend rather than something looking to put yourself down. Help to improve your self-image by believing in yourself.    

With these tips, I hope you can renew your self-image more completely.

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