The 3 Best Exercises For A Full Body Workout

31 July 2019

When you’re exercising, it’s important that you focus on different areas of the body so you see results all around. With that in mind, it's important to focus on specific muscle groups on different days in the gym to achieve that balance.

Unfortunately sometimes in order to properly work all those different exercises in you need more time than you have available. A simple solution or substitute for this is picking up some activities that combine a few of the basic muscle groups together streamlining your exercise routine. These are some of the better exercises for an all-around workout.



The easiest exercise that you can do for a full-body workout is running because you don’t need any equipment and you can do it anywhere. Running is great for general health and fitness and works a number of muscle groups at the same time. Primarily working your legs running will also help devlop and tone your core as well as getting your entire body moving and active. Running isn't the best exercise if your main focus is building muscle but its an activity that has many benefits whatever your fitness goals might be.

Running can be wonderful for your physical and mental health as an activity. Even if you aren’t a very confident runner, you can still do the couch to 5k challenge and improve your stamina and speed fairly quickly. Just make sure to invest in a good pair of running trainers so you don’t injure your joints.



Swimming is another great exercise that works a large number of muscles in the body at one time. Similar to running, swimming is an activity that can be undertaken to efficiently work out your full body. In addition to swimming, you can use to water for water resistance training to help tone and shape more specific parts of your body efficiently. If you aren't a confident swimmer and want to get the most out of this activity it could be worth considering lessons.

If you do a quick search for a swim school near me online, you should be able to find somewhere that offer lessons. If you can improve your stroke, you’ll be able to swim faster and over longer distances, and you’ll see more results in terms of muscle toning as well.



The rowing machine in the gym is one of the better full-body workout pieces of equipment. You are able to combine elements of cardio training with the ability to engage your legs, core, arms and back all in the one activity. There are a lot of great health benefits to rowing and it’s one of the best activities for weight loss. It’s also fairly low impact compared with things like running, so it’s a good activity if you’re trying to get back into exercise after an injury or you’re just starting a new exercise program.

When you’re short on time and you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, these are some of the best exercises to do.
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