3 Reasons To Purge Your Home Of Clutter

13 September 2019

Some of us need a little motivation to declutter our homes.

Especially when we have a lot of stuff to sift through and clear out, we might procrastinate a little, telling ourselves we will get on with the job another day. Of course, this is problematic, because the longer we leave the clutter that pervades our homes, the harder it will be to clear it out should we amass more stuff in the meantime.

So, if you have been procrastinating about your household clutter, I have some motivational reasons to give you the incentive to finally deal with it. Use these decluttering tips to help you get on with the job at hand and then return to these suggestions when clutter threatens to overwhelm your life in the future.

Here are some great reasons to purge your home of household clutter.

1. You will reclaim your space and your sanity

A tidy house makes for a tidy mind right? But if you have rooms that are piled high with pieces of paper and random items without a home, and if your living space is cramped because you simply have too many pieces of furniture, then the opposite might be true for you. You might feel stressed and frustrated because of the clutter around you and this might be affecting your mental health in all manner of ways on a daily basis. So for the sake of your frazzled mind, take steps to make more space in your home.

Place larger items in mobile storage if you have little need for them at the moment and buy storage boxes for those smaller items that you aren't ready to discard. As for the things you don't need, send them to your nearest recycling centre, call a company specialising in Rubbish Removals mordialloc (or wherever you are!), or consider the next point.

2. You can earn money from your clutter

Do you have anything worth selling? That lime green sofa your great aunt left to you in her will? Any old books that have been gathering dust in the attic? Mobile phones that are taking up too much space in your drawers? Go through any item that you don't need and find the appropriate places online to sell them. You might even be able to sell some of your junk items as scrap metal merchants and some recycling centres pay money for other people's rubbish.

3. You can finally invite your friends around

If you have been too embarrassed to invite your friends around because of the messy state of your home (or because your clutter has intruded upon every seated area in your house), then let this be an incentive to declutter your home. You might also consider giving some of your clutter to your friends if you have any clothes, books, games and any other items that you don't need. It makes sense to give them to people who might have a greater need for them than you do.


Procrastinate no more! If your home is full of clutter and if you have struggled to motivate yourself to deal with it, use these suggestions to give you the incentive to crack on with a tidy-up. You will feel the benefits if you do and you might then have the motivation to stay on top of your clutter in the long-term so you can enjoy the rewards of a tidier home

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