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15 September 2019 Shop 1051, Westfield Kotara, Cnr Park Ave and, Northcott Dr, Newcastle NSW 2289, Australia

I've been visiting Laser Clinics Kotara for a few months now and have let them have full control over my skin during that time. They had started me off with a skincare routine of specially chosen Skinstitut products and then wanted to add another treatment to really amplify the progress with my skin!

What is Kleresca? 

Previously only available at Dermatologists, Kleresca creates fluorescent light energy to heal your skin at a cellular level. This non-invasive and scientifically documented technology delivers long-lasting clinics results with little to no downtime.

Kleresca offers non-invasive treatments for both therapeutic and aesthetic conditions using fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s own biological processes and repair mechanisms.

The Available Treatments

There are three specific treatments offered by Laser Clinics Kotara for Kleresca. 

Kleresca Acne Treatment - this differs from other acne options due to its unique multi-action mode. Not only does it kill bacteria responsible for acne, but it also reduces inflammation and promotes the build-up of collagen to target acne scarring. 

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment - Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder that is commonly mistaken as ‘redness’. Rosacea often increases in severity over time if left untreated and can include symptoms such as skin irritation, tingling or burning, persistent redness and swelling, and prominent vascular lines.

Kleresca Rejuvenation Treatment -  is unique in that it is a non-invasive technology which naturally improves your complexion and skin texture, without causing trauma to the skin. Instead of targeting the surface layer of the skin, Kleresca penetrates at a cellular level to induce collagen production by up to 400%, reduce pore size and fine lines and improving overall skin texture and glow. 

After the initial consult with my Laser Clinics Skin therapist, they decided that the Rejuvenation Treatment would be the best for me. This treatment has a recommended course of at least 4 or more. 

Before Photos

The skin therapist took some 'Before' photos of my skin so that we can look back afterwards and see the difference. I was incredibly awkward about it, but here we go.

I tend to have spotty skin and acne outbreaks during Winter. Which is mostly noticeable in the photo on the right here.

The Process

Each session is more or less the same. After laying down in the chair you get your hair pushed out of the way, and a little cap put on. The skin therapist will take off all your makeup for you (I never wore any to appointments in preparation which is what I would recommend) then they double cleanse your skin to have it ready for the treatment. 

You will get little eyepatches stuck to your eyes (seen in the images below) 
The Kleresca Gel is then applied all over your face, just like icing on a cake. 

The gel is illuminated for 9 minutes using the multi-LED Kleresca lamp, together creating fluorescent light energy that stimulates the skin.

The LED Kleresca lamp does sit fairly close to your face and can be claustrophobic for some people. I found that the eyepatches helped with that as you never really get to see how close it is. But everyone is different. 

I found the 9-minute process to go fairly fast, even faster if my skin therapist stayed in the room for a chat during. I didn't find the process painful at all.  It's generally just a warm feeling on your skin, with a light tingling feeling. If I had any extra dry patches on my face they sometimes could tingle a bit extra but not in any way that I would call uncomfortable. 

After the 9 minutes is up, the light goes off and all of the gel is removed by your skin therapist. Your skin is then cleansed and moisturised. 

Immediately After

This was my skin immediately after two of my treatments. 
The redness looks a bit alarming at first, but after about 10 minutes I found it to have almost completely subsided.

After First Treatment | After Third Treatment

Results from Your Treatment with Kleresca

Results from Kleresca will vary depending on the treatment you are having as well as the original condition of your skin. I found my acne to flare up occasionally throughout the weeks of treatment. I'm also guilty of picking at my skin, which I do not recommend as it definitely does not help. In fact, it only makes your skin worse.

In general, people treated for acne with the Kleresca Acne Treatment should see noticeable improvements in their skin during the last weeks that the treatment takes place. 
These improvements should also continue for months after the treatment has stopped. That’s due to the activation of the deeper layers of the skin with the repairing continuing after the treatment has ended.

For the Kleresca Skin rejuvenation (which I received), some patients have seen an improvement after just a single treatment, but results will vary from individual to individual. However, thanks to the way KlerescaSkin Rejuvenation boosts collagen production, improvements will continue even after the full course of four treatments has been completed.

For the Kleresca Rosacea Treatment, some patients have seen an improvement after just a single treatment, but results will vary from individual to individuals. They should see noticeable improvements in their skin during the last weeks of the treatment and these improvements should also continue for months after the treatment has stopped.

Overall Results

I have a check-in coming up in November, which will be 12 weeks from my last Kleresca treatment. Currently, I still have a  bit of hormonal acne on my cheeks, (which I definitely need to stop touching!) I didn't really that have many noticeable lines in my face, more fine lines than any deep-set wrinkles as I'm only 26. 

But I can honestly see the difference in the fine lines that are under my eyes as well as the fine lines that sat within my nasolabial crease around my mouth. The Rejuvenation treatment, while not focusing on acne, still has a positive effect on any pimples and can cause your skin to purge and bring more to the surface before healing your skin overall. 

Kleresca also has an ongoing healing effect, as it penetrates so far into your skin (healing you at a cellular level) the results can be revealed over time. 

Stay tuned! I can't wait to show you the final results of my treatment!
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