A Simple, Stylish, Slice Of Home: Sprucing Up Your Property Exterior

17 September 2019

Photo by Lucija Ros on Unsplash

Whether it's a new home or one you’ve lived in for 20 years, your exterior can always do with a bit of sprucing up. Call it kerb appeal, call it a fresh lick of paint, but whatever you want it to be, you can achieve it. Sometimes you need to give your property and makeover so that it looks refreshing, but it also holds that allure for you. What are the best ways to do it?

Change The Pathway

If you want to shake up the style, think about the journey that someone makes from the pavement to the front door. They have the opportunity to take in so much during those few steps. And while this is quite a challenge, that pathway can get easily switched up. Get some decorative concrete and give it a feel of yesteryear, or at the very least, smooth out the bumps or holes in the ground. The pathway to the front door allows visitors to see what your house is like and form an opinion. Ultimately, people will always make a decision about the home before they set foot in it. This is something worth pointing out if you plan on selling up anytime soon.

Give Your Home A Wash

You might think that the rain does a good job of this, but if you don't have the money to paint the exterior of the home, using a pressure washer will remove a lot of the old dirt and grime that has stuck to the property for, potentially, years. It all depends on the material of the exterior of your house. 

Make sure that you follow the instructions, so you wash it properly. The great thing about pressure washing is that it takes a lot less time to do in comparison to painting. Painting is such a long-winded approach and can take days. But if you give your home a blast with water, it could very well give if you the same results. If you're considering using an external pressure washing service, look for one that offers a "Get Quote" option, so you can easily assess the cost involved.

Fixing The Lawn

Your home needs to communicate colour and entice people, but if you don't have that in your plants and grass, it's worth giving them a reseeding. If your grass has spots, or you've got overgrown weeds, you can either dig up the entire lawn and replace it with a blanket, or you can start to sow the areas that look like they've been hacked at with a chainsaw. A nice thick lawn is a great way to add that lusciousness to the exterior. And even if you don't have the money to dig up the entire garden, even mowing the lawn will make all the difference. A lot of people don't like the fact that they have to know all the time and this is why so many people did it up and replace it with chippings as this is a lot less time-consuming. Never underestimate what the lawn can do for the exterior of your property.

Whether you need to create more kerb appeal, or you feel the property needs reinvigorating, it doesn't have to be a long and complex process; there are plenty of simple ways to get it done.

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