Transforming Your Garden to Keep Your Mind Busy

10 October 2019

Procrastination doesn’t always need to be a bad thing. Not if you’re transferring your creative energy elsewhere, anyway. When you’re struggling to focus on tasks, it’s too easy to whittle the hours away absently browsing the internet. But what if you took a step back, switched that computer off and got creative away from the task at hand? 

Sometimes, your mind needs a break. That’s what procrastination is trying to do. The problem with that is it feels like you’re taking up so much of your time doing nothing. Instead, you can channel this idleness into something that you can see the progress and rejoice. Considering summer is right around the corner, why not put this energy towards transforming your garden and keeping your mind busy? 

Little Changes

Going big straight away isn’t always the answer, so start simple. A little change around the garden with a plant pot here and some new ornaments there will set you on your way to expelling some of that pent up energy into something productive. 

Other possibilities include stringing up lights to make the garden somewhere to enjoy all-year-round or hanging up some wind chimes. You know what will suit your garden, though, so it’s your choice to make it a little more beautiful. 

Medium Changes

If you still hear that little voice inside your head screaming Do anything else but work, you can take on something that demands a bit more dedication. Medium changes to your garden can range from adding some furniture to laying turf (artificial or not) to keep the area looking green and clean throughout the year. 

Even something as simple as adding a barbecue stand (that’s if you don’t have one already) can make it a more enjoyable place to be. These not-too-big changes all add to the personality of your garden and make it more about you, which is something people will recognise when they come over. 

Big Changes

If you really want to avoid your work, then planning how to renovate your garden entirely is a great way to pass the time. Garden renovation can include anything from tearing it up and starting again to adding a deck for comfortable winter-time relaxation, to whatever you want. 

One way people make their gardens a haven for relaxation is by separating it into different areas. For example, you could add a pavilion if you want a dedicated space for outdoor dining, or you could add a pergola for relaxing in the shade with a cold drink and a book. By transforming your garden into eating, playing, and relaxing sections, you make it a place for everybody and not just the kids or the adults. 

Big changes to your garden are not easy, though, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. You’ll also need to contact the relevant authorities, including a land division surveyor or planning permission office. These people will tell you everything you need to know to go ahead to achieve the garden of your dreams.

Busy Minds and Green Fingers

There’s no way to overcome procrastination completely. In small doses, it’s a good thing to procrastinate. Your mind isn’t supposed to focus on one thing for too long, so giving it breaks is beneficial for both you and task. 

However, for those who feel they never have any time, making the most of your distraction time by channelling the energy into something productive will at least make those wasted hours not so wasted at all. Now, wasn’t there something else you needed to do?