Beautifying Your Home On A Budget

29 November 2019

Making your home perfect is something that you have to be in for the long game, especially when you’re on a budget. You can be thinking for months that you want to change that old lamp in your bedroom, but everything is either a) super expensive, or b) just not quite right for your space. And then you find it in a thrift store, the lamp of your dreams. You hand over the $10 and feel extremely proud of yourself, but is this the only option? What else can you do to beautify your home on a budget?

Get DIY-ing

DIY is a great way to make your home look beautiful on a budget. Perhaps you have an old chest of drawers that you want to paint in a more modern colour, or you want to make a leaning ladder-type stand for all of the plants that you’ve collected over the years. Whatever you want to do with your DIY skills (or with those YouTube tutorials) see what you can create to make your space look quirky and a little bit glam!

Head deep into the world of thrifting

Going to a thrift store can help to connect you with some lovely home goods every now and again, but you can sometimes go and find absolutely nothing. Instead of going into one store, devote your afternoon to heading on a thrift store crawl. Kind of like a bar crawl, but instead you end up with loads of beautiful items to bring back into your home. Ideal, huh? Head deep into the world of thrifting and see what you can find.

Splash out on staple pieces

Whilst you don't want to splash out on your home with everything that you buy, it’s important that you invest wisely in those statement pieces. This could be your bed, your couch, or even the mirror or rug that ties one of your rooms together. If you’ve managed to get the rest of your items for a brilliant price, then don’t be so harsh on yourself for spending a little more. Blutin Finance are worth contacting if you’re unsure about your financial situation.

Paint your walls

Sometimes, a lick of paint can be all that you need to make your home perfect again. If the paint job is leaving a lot to be desired or you just want to inject some colour into your rooms, then go and choose your perfect paint from a nearby store. This is affordable, you can do it yourself (with a bit of caution and a positive mental attitude), and it really gives your home the lease of life that you’re looking for.

Rearrange the furniture

Although you may believe that you have to go out and spend some cash on making your home look good, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, your rooms are just poorly arranged, or they need a bit of a revamp. You can get tired of looking at all of your furniture sitting in the same position, so move it around and try to utilise your floor space as well as you can. This is affordable (free) and it gives your home a new appeal!
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  1. Love this - I'm definitely going to be headed to charity shops to find some cheap buys when we move, though I can't wait to invest in a good bed!


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