Vacation all the Time by Owning the Accommodation

29 November 2019

Taking a break does you the world of good. It is a great way of resetting yourself and getting back to the things that are most important to you. Holidays can be expensive and often we feel as if we need to take one many times throughout the year

What if you could own the place where you are going to take your holiday? This may make it far easier for you to make a quick escape when you need it. Owning your own holiday property may not be impossible like you may think that it is. In fact, there are many ways that you can have a holiday on tap without it costing the Earth.

Buy a Motorhome

Owning your own motorhome is a great way to be able to see the world. You can literally go anywhere you like, whenever you like. If you want to take a break near the sea, you can go there are in your campervan. If you want to take a trip into the mountains, this is no problem if you own your own recreational vehicle. Even trips overseas do not present too much of an issue as you can drive abroad assuming you have the right license.

Of course, buying a motorhome can be pretty expensive. Especially if you would like a model complete with all of the modern conveniences that will add that extra level of comfort to your holidays away.

You may be able to buy your motorhome using a loan or through a financing agreement with the dealers. Pay monthly for your motorhome will help to break down the cost meaning that you can pay this over a much longer period. As you will be continually paying for this you will no doubt want to get the best use out of your campervan, so why not make that an excuse to get away as often as possible?

Why not look into motorhome hire as a way to earn money from your vehicle? During the times when you are not using it, you could earn a nice passive income that could even go a long way in paying for the vehicle itself.

When you buy a motorhome it will be a really good idea to ensure that you have the right level of breakdown cover to avoid stressful situations should the worst happen while you are away. Extending this to overseas cover will mean that when you are taking a foreign holiday, you can have peace of mind that you can deal with problems as they arise.

Buying a holiday home

Life on wheels is not for you then why not buy a holiday home? You could take out a mortgage on a property and visit whenever you like. Any time that you are not using this property you could rent it out to make a sizeable income. This should be enough to more than cover the cost of your mortgage and could, in fact, be a valuable investment for your future. If your holiday home is in a prime location you can enjoy all of the benefits that the tourist trade in the area has to offer.

If you do plan on letting out your holiday home, you will obviously need to maintain and clean the property. If it is not practical for you to be able to visit regularly in order to do this, you should look at hiring local cleaners and handyman who can visit the property between tenants and ensure that it looks the best it possibly can.

Buying a static caravan

Another popular option would be to get a static caravan in a popular caravan park. Many parks will have a showroom where you can buy your own caravan and you can even have lavish interiors. You will need to do some research and look into the ground rent and all of the running costs for the caravan before you take out a finance agreement to buy one. Be aware that you will also need to ensure your static caravan is covered by insurance. It makes sense to get the best static caravan insurance you can afford as your caravan will most likely stand empty for long periods of the year, making it vulnerable to flooding, fire and theft. With insurance, all of this is protected against, but there's nothing you can do if something goes wrong and you don't have it!

You could enjoy the caravan yourself as often as you are able to. And when you are unable to be there, you could again rent this out for a great deal of money. Your rental income may even cover the cost of the caravan.

Again as with holiday homes if you are not able to get to your caravan between guests, you should find a local cleaner that cleans other caravans on-site and make use of their services.