There Are Reasons You're Not Feeling Your Best

29 November 2019

No matter who you are, you want to feel the best you can and this usually involves a variety of self-care rituals that allow you to recharge and unwind. They help you get ready for the day and ease into the next seamlessly. But while these rituals are useful, there may come a time where they aren’t as effective as they once were.

From here, you start feeling off. You no longer feel as great as you’re used to, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to find the source of the issue. It’s not as if your tried and trusted methods have just stopped working, so there must be something else afoot.

Too Much Going On

If you’re someone who loves to do everything they can and never have a moment of downtime, then it’s likely that this has finally caught up with you. It’s admirable to try burning the candle at both ends, but it’s just not viable, not for too long anyway.

You might not feel yourself because you’re trying to juggle far too much at once and this means you don’t have time to focus on your self-care routine. As difficult as it is to get into these routines, it’s also too easy to fall out of it when everything else in life starts to overwhelm you.

A Change You Haven’t Noticed

Another reason you don’t feel entirely like yourself is that there has been a change in your life that you haven’t noticed. Or, if you have noticed, you don’t consider it to be something that demands your attention. However, even the smallest changes to your routine can throw you off your game, so it’s worth taking another look.

It could be something as simple as driving to work instead of taking the bus as your mind needs to be focused on the whole journey instead of waiting for your stop. It could be you’ve not been having the best night’s sleep, and this causes exhaustion. Think about any recent changes and consider how to fix them.

The Mystery Issue

Many things can affect our health both physically and mentally, and sometimes they are silent and invisible and can cause issues without anyone able to figure out why.

It’s essential to check your home for carbon monoxide testing to ensure there is no gas leak affecting your health. If there is no problem, then consider visiting the doctor to see if they can run some tests to discover the problem. It may be nothing, and you might just be having an off month, but it’s always worth getting a second opinion.

Back to Your Best

While you can still function when you’re not your best, it makes every action an effort. You might be there, but you’re not really, and your mind is slightly adjacent to your body. This can affect your performance at work and the gym. It can harm your relationships, and it means you feel less and less like yourself every day. By getting to the bottom of your problems, you can get back to your best without fail.
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