Kitchen Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

21 November 2019

Whether you are renting or buying, looking at a kitchen as a potential space for cooking will leave you considering your space options? Is it practical? Is there enough storage? Will this work for us? These are all excellent questions and something that you don't want to be reconsidering after you've moved in.

There is nothing worse than having a kitchen that you don't enjoy being in. Since we spend a lot of time in our Kitchen is preparing food. If a small kitchen happens to be your only option, what ways can we improve on the space we have?


It goes without saying that having shelves along the walls will open up some storage options to you, but there aren't always many attractive options when it comes to a shelf in. Places such as IKEA have however created some stylish ideas, and you can now choose a shelf to match any decor that you have. 

White plastic or Stainless Steel Wire and Mesh, are two options that people tend to use for a kitchen. And not forgetting that you can hang saucepans and utensils from certain shelving types. If your Kitchen happens to be rustic style, then you can create your own shelving from some reclaimed wood to match the space you have exactly.

Cupboard space

Hopefully, your Kitchen comes with some cupboards and units on the walls, but at first glance, they may seem smaller or bigger from the outside than they actually are. When you're looking at a potential kitchen it's always a good idea to open the map and have a good look, some storage spaces in cupboards include shelving that pulls out and corners that you may not be able to see comfortably at first. 

Even if they don't, these are options that you can add to your renovations and are simple to integrate. Sometimes there are gaps between Cupboards and units, and these can be utilised to be able to how's fruit and veg, wine, or other items that you need. Ultimately you can buy new cupboards of course, but if your house has your dream kitchen with all the cupboard space you could need, this is a perfect starting point. Alternatively, you can also consider reaching out to experts in kitchen renovations, as they can help maximise square footage. Upgrading your cupboard for a streamlined design could free up space, making the kitchen look bigger without compromising on functions or storage options.


It's always a great idea to cut down on the number of goods that you have if you are using them all. Stockpiling is a good idea if you have space, and most of us don't. Go through everything that you have in your cupboards, and work out which items you actually need and use, there are some utensils that you may find you haven't used for years, so taking these out of the equation will mean that you can cope with a smaller kitchen space. 

And if the Kitchen you are looking at is perfect except for the size, then you can make yourself fit. There is nothing wrong with using the Marie Kondo method in your Kitchen, in fact, you may find you have plenty of excesses that you could drop at your local food bank as well.


You might be surprised at how much space you can actually save just from having an organised shelf, we're not always as tidy as we could be when we put our food back in our cupboards, because we are usually rushing around trying to get everything done in time. 

So if you are trying to make space, then making sure that everything is tidy and organised in each of your areas, will help you create space that you didn't know you had. This is a good winter test yourself on, if you open the cupboard, go through everything and take out the rubbish, ensure that everything is stacked ideally, and see how much more space you have. Many people go one step further and organise their products into baskets, with labels so that nothing can get lost, and piles can't be formed untidily.

Ultimately having a small kitchen space is not the end of the world, how many people make this work in all sorts of sized kitchens, so making a space work for you is, of course, the priority here. Storage solutions, being organised, and doing a quick sweep through every day will be the best way to keep this space decluttered. If you are generally a tidy person, then this won't come as a surprise to you, but there are always improvements that we can make to use our space effectively.