Simple Ways To Improve Your Home

17 November 2019

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We should all love living in our homes, so when it doesn’t feel 100% like home, or it’s not quite working out feng shui wise, then it’s time to do something about it.

 It doesn’t have to be a whole renovation of the house, but you can make some small steps towards feeling much better about your surroundings. Of course, you can give the house a lick of paint, but what else can you do to brighten up your home? Or make it feel cosier?

Rearrange furniture

When we first move into a property, we think about where we want to put all our furniture and where it works best for us. However, over time, our requirements change and we may wish to rearrange our furniture to suit our new lives.

And sometimes it may be just a case of we are bored with weddings are so picking up and moving them around will freshen everything up. Ultimately, this is a great way for you to feel re-energized. But when we are looking at moving home and are searching through the local property website, then an overhaul of your furniture and where it is kept may be required.


Nobody wants to see your dirty laundry out when you are showing people around. Which is why it’s so important to get the routine in your home before everything gets too cluttered and messy. Prevention is better than cure with this. But nobody is completely good at tidying away after themselves, and there are companies you can hire to take over the decluttering for you. But if you have a close family, and you all work hard together, you shouldn’t need to spend too much time on the decluttering.

Change colour schemes

This one can be a little bit of a tricky topic when people are looking at purchases on the list and purchases that have been made recently, then decluttering seems to be the way forward. We can’t expect everybody to love our taste; that’s why when selling a house, you need to try and keep it as neutral as possible.

Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the home, and with wallpaper that is a little bit too over the top, and colour that they wouldn’t particularly choose themselves Can be a bit off-putting. That’s not to say your house needs to become lifeless and beige, there are plenty of colours that will work, and if you do your research you will discover

Selling your home can be equally stressful and exciting at the same time. So spend your time wisely, and ensure that your house is kept spick and span ready for viewings. Be careful you don’t find a renewed appreciation for your old house though once you have tidied and redecorated, it has been known to happen before!
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