Are You Prepped For Home Disasters?

23 December 2019

How many times have you got your fire alarms serviced, and your carbon monoxide alarms looked at? Have you ever worked out an escape route in case of a fire in your home? Are you sealed and ready for flooding?

All of these things are disasters for your home, but these are not the types of disasters we are going to cover today! It would be best if you were ready for anything in your home, and sometimes, the smallest thing can really feel like a disaster. Your house is your castle, and with the right preparation, you can be ready for anything and know what to do in a crisis. Shall we take a look at some home disasters and how you can fix them? Let’s go!

A Broken Refrigerator

You arrive downstairs in the morning happy and ready for the best breakfast in the world (NB: it’s Avo on toast. The problem? There is a huge puddle of water on the floor because overnight the refrigerator has blown a fuse (or something) and now you have a warm fridge, spoiled food and a puddle on the floor. Now, if you’re a dab hand with a screwdriver you’ll be able to use parts from and fix it yourself. If not, you need to call in the experts to do it. Spoiled food is a disaster when your budget won’t stretch for another grocery run!

There’s A Mouse In The House

 Scratch, scratch, scratch. Droppings in the corner. Holes chewed in the cereal box. You’ve got a mouse in the house. While not technically going to be a total disaster to have missing cereal, it is a disaster if a mouse has bitten through the electrical wires in the walls. It’s also a disaster if you’re trying to get your slippers on and you feel something move. Be prepared for mouse disasters with humane traps, wire wool to block up any holes in the house until you can fill them, and a good pest control company on standby.

A Rogue Ball Through The Window

 While not usually classed as a “disaster” for some, it’s a disaster if a ball flies through your window when it’s the depths of winter! You need to be able to stay warm, and you don’t want to be dealing with the security breach of a smashed window. You also have to find the cash for a replacement as soon as possible. Smashed windows lead to possibilities for thieves, and the last thing that you want is for a broken window to become a much bigger, more expensive problem. It’s here that an emergency fund is going to come in handy!

Home disasters like fires and floods should, of course, be on your radar. However, you also need to look for the little disasters and be prepared for them. There is no use in being ready for the big stuff if the smaller stuff is what you’re going to sweat the most.

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