Breathing New Life Back Into Your Home

26 December 2019

No matter how lovely your home looks, it will always fall victim to the greatest villain of all - time.

Time ages everything, and this makes your house look and feels older than it used to. Even if your interior design is on point, there can be elements of your home that almost seem faded and outdated.

So, your first thought is that a big renovation is needed. However, this costs a lot of money and can be very disruptive. In actuality, you can breathe new life back into your home by following a few simple steps:

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Re-paint the walls

Your walls and wallpaper are the first things to go when age takes over. Pain starts flaking away, wallpaper starts to peel, and you end up with walls that look pretty horrendous. All you need to do is paint over all the bad parts of your walls. Or, you can re-lay the wallpaper. If you want, you can re-paint the entire wall to give it a fresh new look. If you do all of this by yourself, then it’s a cheap and effective way of making your house look much younger.

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Spruce up the flooring

Along with the walls, the flooring will be a victim of time and repetitive use. Especially high-traffic areas like your hallway and stairs. No matter what flooring type you have, it will eventually wear down with age. So, breathe new life into your home by sprucing it up. Consider floor sanding for hardwood flooring as this can make it look smoother and more vibrant once more. For a carpet, try professional cleaning services to remove any permanent stains, or relay a stretch of the fabric. If you want to spend a bit more money, then it could be worth buying an entirely new floor for some of the worse areas in your home. This instant change will make your house feel brand new!

Focus on the smell

It may sound bizarre, but older houses can develop a sort of smell that makes them seem ancient. As you live in a house, all of your scents kind of merge with one another. It makes your house smell less fresh than when you first moved in. Test this out - if you can - go into a brand new home and smell the air. It smells new. It’s like the smell of a new car but magnified to suit a house. Then, go back into your house and sniff the air.

You’ll be surprised at how musty and used your house smells! So, tackle this by freshening up the scent. Get air fresheners that plug into sockets and release a burst of freshness now and then. Keep your windows open as often as you can to let the air circulate through your home. Trust me on this one, improving the smell of your house will literally breathe new life into it.

Try to remember to not let things get too out of control. Keep your house clean, keep the decor updated - avoid falling into a situation where everything in your house is old and outdated. If you feel like your home could do with a new lease of life, then these three ideas will have immediate impacts.
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