Five Reasons Solar Panels Are a Must

20 December 2019

If you're a firm believer in being environmentally conscious you may find yourself doing whatever you can to do your part. You use minimal amounts of plastic, recycle as much as you possibly can and try to use products that at the very least make a neutral impact on the world around you.

If you're a homeowner perhaps you can take it one step further and consider installing solar panels. If you’re unsure what solar panels can add to your home and to the environment, take a look at five reasons why solar panels are a seriously good idea in our blog.

1. Make a Dent in Your Bills

Installing solar panels really does make an impact on your utility bills. They work by converting the sunlight harvested by the photovoltaic cells into energy. In general, that energy either gets used by you in your household or sent on to the national grid.

Any energy you use that goes over what you create will come from the national grid. While it’s not always possible to tell which is free electricity and which comes from the grid, in general terms your panels will make more energy for you to use in the day and less at night. By making a few changes, eg cooking in the daytime you should be able to save on the electricity you’re drawing down from the grid and save money.

Do the washing, charge phones in the day rather than at night and see your energy bills dropping off. You may be able to use your panels to heat your water as well, making a significant impact on your heating bills in that area too. Just remember to keep your equipment fully serviced and carry out solar hot water repairs as soon as possible from a reputable source.

2. You Will Have an Effect on the Environment

The energy derived from solar panels is a clean energy and generating this form means you are not relying on fossil fuels as a source of energy. Creating energy from fossil fuels is costly and involves burning them which produces harmful gasses that damage the environment.

The more people who make the switch from fossil fuels to solar power, the greater the impact on the environment and the less harmful gas is created. As a side effect, solar power requires no water to create energy whereas fossil fuels rely on vast amounts to create energy, therefore solar power also takes that huge strain on the world’s water supplies.

3. You’ll Make the Cost Back and More

While solar panels can be costly to install as soon as they’re up and running, you’ll start saving and find that very soon they’ve paid for themselves and more, over the long term. The other great benefit to having solar panels installed is that actually increase the value of your home. A house that already has solar panels installed can be music to a home buyer’s ears as they won’t have to go through the process themselves but will reap the benefit of saving on their bills.

4. They Protect Your Roof

As strange as might sound, solar panels aren’t as heavy as you might think and the fact that they are spread evenly across your roof means that they in fact offer a good degree of protection against the elements.

Another great benefit is that they help keep the temperature of the house lower in the hot summer months with the panels absorbing most of the direct heat rather than your roof tiles.

5. Lead the Way

If you’ve never considered yourself a trend setter before, now’s your chance. Be the change you want to see by installing solar panels on your roof and be prepared to get asked a lot of questions by your neighbours and friends.

There are bound to be some cynics, it’s only natural but when you tell them just how much you’ll be saving and doing good we’re certain they may go away with a more inquisitive if not changed mind.

The more people jump on the solar panel movement, the bigger the impact on the environment and the more clean energy that’s made. If you’re considering an installation, it’s a win-win decision. You’ll save money, create green energy and add value to your home. Book a chat with a solar panel installer today and see just how much you might save now and on into the future.
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