3 Tips for Getting More Things Done in Your Life

14 January 2020

Life is a funny thing. It seems so long when you are doing chores, or commuting to the office in the morning, but it seems so short when you look back and see how the years have been racing by.

Everyone wants to achieve certain things in their life – even if only vaguely. But far too often, we get caught up in everyday trials and tribulations, and procrastinate the years away.

Here are a few tips for getting more things done in your life – small things, and big things alike.

1. Outsource some of your chores

If you’re not getting enough of the meaningful things done in your life – you know, the kind of stuff that feels like it has real, deep value beyond the everyday – one reason for that might be that you’re too busy with other, less significant tasks.

We all have chores to deal with and DIY projects that need to get done – and, make no mistake, it’s a really good thing to be able to do your chores and find meaning in them, and to have a useful range of DIY skills.

Sometimes, though, it might be time to call in the plumbers to get the job done, before you destroy your bathroom and sacrifice your entire weekend to the effort.

These days, there are all sorts of ways to outsource all sorts of different chores and tasks that you might have to handle in your everyday life. Repairmen are always a quick web search away, and there are even virtual assistants out there who will compile spreadsheets and prepare presentations for you.

2. Slowly develop the habit of doing things you don’t feel like doing

Probably the single biggest thing that keeps people from achieving their dreams, is just that they never really feel like actually doing the things that lead to those dreams. At least not consistently.

There’s an interesting problem that a lot of newly self-employed people and entrepreneurs face – they find that, without a supervisor, team, and shared office environment to work, all the pressure is off and massive time-wasting unproductively sets in.

Ultimately, no one really “feels like” going to work, consistently, every single day. But they force themselves to do it anyway, because they want their paycheques.

Slowly develop the habit of doing things you don’t feel like doing, but that you know will lead you in a positive direction.

A good place to start is by setting yourself a challenge of doing an hour of physical activity every day. Track how many days in a row you’ve managed this for, in a notebook or on a calendar.

3. Come up with a system for recording and categorising all the stuff you want to do

It’s difficult to actually get stuff done, reliably, unless you have a good system for recording and categorising all the stuff that you want to do, and need to do.

All of us have a large number of daily obligations that come our way, and trying to keep track of just those things alone, mentally, is taxing and certain to lead to at least occasional forgetfulness.

Start using a system like David Allen’s Getting Things Done method, or Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal Method, in order to relieve yourself of the stress of having to try and track everything in your own head.

You’ll find that when things are written down, they are much easier to plan for and act on, too.
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