How To Make The Perfect Guest Bedroom

16 January 2020

When it comes to household maintenance, the guest bedroom will often get the short end of the stick. Although everywhere else in your home is likely tended to regularly, this space is typically forgotten about. Many hosts assume that having a spare bed makes a home fit for guests, but that isn’t necessarily true. 

People often find living in someone else’s house unsettling, so it’s up to you to show them that they are welcome. This means creating a comfortable living space that they can enjoy. With that in mind, here are thirteen tips for making the perfect guest bedroom.

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1. Clear Out Any Clutter

Although it can be tempting to store seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations, and other clutter in the guest bedroom, you should avoid doing so. After all, if the closets and drawers are filled with your things, there won’t be any storage space for your guests. This will make them feel unwelcome in the area meant for them. What’s more, clutter might make it difficult for your loved ones to relax fully. Because of this, you should only store items for guests in that room.

2. Deep Clean The Carpets

Carpets make a space feel extra cozy and inviting. Sadly, like most great things, they aren’t perfect. Although carpeting will warm up your guest bedroom, it can act as a magnet for dust, dirt, and bacteria too. Since you likely don’t vacuum or dust that space as often as everywhere else, deep cleaning might be required. Unless you properly clean the carpets before any guests arrive, the irritants hidden in the flooring could cause lung issues that might disrupt guests’ sleep.

3. Ban Your Furry Friends

Cleaning the carpets is pointless if you allow your pets in the guest bedroom. Dogs and cats might be cute, but they carry countless allergens. The fur on their backs and pollutants tracked in from outside can all cause allergies, asthma, and worse. Plus, certain guests might not like the idea of sharing a bedroom with your pets. That is why you should keep them away from the guest’s living space. Leaving the door closed is probably the most effective way to prevent entry.

4. Replace That Old Mattress

A mattress will get dirty like everything else in the bedroom. Unfortunately, like most other furniture and furnishings, you can’t clean the mattress thoroughly. Over time, the mattress will also wear down, making it less comfortable and supportive than before. That is why you should replace mattresses every eight years. Sometimes, the cheapest mattress is the best for you, so don’t assume you need to spend thousands. Instead, compare every option there is available.

5. Upgrade Those Bed Linens

Beyond a supportive mattress, you should think about adding more luxurious bed linens. Rather than choosing the cheapest sheets, you could pick a duvet cover and pillowcases with a higher thread count. Considering different people prefer different pillows, it makes sense to offer a selection too. Even with the heating on, your guests might find themselves cold throughout the night. Rather than leave them shivering, you should also provide a basket of blankets and quilts.

6. Opt For Calming Colours

When choosing a colour scheme for the guest bedroom, the simpler choice truly is better. Although you might love the look of bright red or golden yellow walls, your guests won’t appreciate them. Most people find it difficult to sleep when surrounded by such bold colours. That is why you should stick with neutral tones, like white. This colour won’t heighten the senses and will instead induce feelings of tranquillity. Making the space feel calmer will make it easier for guests to sleep.

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7. Make Use Of Greenery

Plants aren’t a requirement for sleeping, but they belong in every bedroom. Not only does greenery give your guests something pretty to look at, but it can improve their health too. Studies have shown that plants improve air quality by increasing oxygen levels by removing harmful particles. This makes it much easier to breathe, so your sleep isn’t interrupted. Exposure to greenery is also known to reduce stress, which is an incredibly common cause of sleep trouble.

8. Create A Sitting Area

Some people don’t feel comfortable sitting on a bed. That is why, if there is enough room, you should create a sitting area. Having a few armchairs in the spare bedroom will allow your guests to relax fully. They can sit in the chairs while reading, watching television, or planning the day ahead. Some people also include a workspace in the guest bedroom. If your guests intend to work remotely while staying with you, providing a desk for them will certainly be appreciated.

9. Display The Wifi Password

Having to repeat a lengthy wifi password multiple times can definitely be frustrating. Plus, many guests feel uncomfortable having to ask their host for it. Displaying the password somewhere in the guest bedroom will make everyone’s lives much easier. Make sure that this password is taped somewhere your guests will easily find. On top of the dresser and the back of the door are two great ideas. If you don’t have wifi, you should suggest places they could go to find internet.

10. Give Lots Of Entertainment

Along with making plans with you, house guests might wish to spend some time alone too. It’s important that you make this easier by providing entertainment in the guest bedroom. There are many options that you could offer, including books, video games, movies, board games, and more. Because guests might feel awkward about asking for help, you should make sure that the board games contain all the right pieces and that any remotes have working batteries inside.

11. Share Local Tourist Info

While you’re off doing other things, your house guests might decide to explore the town without you. If they’re new to the area, they would probably appreciate some information. For this reason, you could offer brochures for popular attractions, maps for the town, and directions to your home. Make a list of any attractions, shopping areas, or restaurants that you enjoy and mark them on the map. If they visit a few of your favourite spots, you can talk about them over dinner.

12. Offer Great Light Control

An issue that many people have with hotel rooms is poor light control. Most of the time, these spaces have only a single overhead light, which isn’t adequate for the entire room. The switch is typically by the door too, which is inconvenient and frustrating. Thankfully, can improve upon this flawed design. Offering multiple different light sources will allow your guests to adjust the lighting scheme to its purpose. Lamps, sconces, and night lights can all be used with an overhead lamp.

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13. Stock The Simple Basics

Packing for a trip can be an overwhelming task. During the hustle and bustle, your guests might have forgotten an essential or two. These overlooked items could be anything from chargers to toothbrushes. Rather than expect your loved ones to buy new things, you should provide the basics. There are countless essentials your guests might be grateful for, including toiletries, towels, hairdryers, and more. You could even create a hot drinks station and provide snacks.

The main responsibility of any host is to make the guests feel welcome. Succeeding in that task will allow any others to fall into place. Many people neglect the guest bedroom, simply because it isn’t used often. To make a perfect living space for your loved ones, follow the helpful tips above.

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