5 Ways To Add Some Sparkle To Your Home Garden

4 January 2020

Owning a garden or a portion of outdoor space is a luxury not afforded to everyone which gives you all the more reason to make the most of it. Whether you have a significant plot of land or a more petit patio space then here are 5 ways to make it stand out and sparkle.

Tame the weeds

A neatly weeded garden or a patio instantly looks better kept and put together. Whether it’s weeds in the grass or rogue plants in your borders it’s time to put on your gloves and get pulling. To effectively remove weeds and to stop them coming back, try to pull up the offending plant from the root or for deeper set varieties gently dig out the roots using a trowel. For stubborn weeds or grass in between paving slabs then you can also use conventional weed killers, though be mindful of the impact these can have on the environment.

Do a bit of landscaping

A little bit of Landscape Design can go a long way in making your garden or patio look well thought out and stylish. For best results, find a professional who knows how to work with the natural features of your garden to ensure that it still sits perfectly in its surroundings and don’t be afraid to mix things up with a bit of modern architecture such as raised beds, a BBQ table or seating.

Play with plants

Owning a garden or patio opens up a whole new opportunity to explore shrubs, plants and flowers that can transform your garden space. For rental spaces or patios, pots and planters are a perfect way to add colour and vibrancy and they can easily be moved around when needed.

 For larger spaces fruit trees and vegetable beds not only look aesthetically pleasing but can also provide you with a source of your own food and are a great way to teach children about the provenance of ingredients. There are countless opportunities when it comes to adorning an outside space with plants, flowers and shrubs, so get online, find your style and get creative.

Light it up

Lighting can play a big part in making a garden space feel cosy and homely whilst also being practical for warm summers evenings spent outdoors. Some delicately placed fairy lights will dazzle as they twinkle through the branches of a hedge or tree, patio lights can light pathways or borders helping little feet to find their way and solar lights can even be dotted between shrubs or plants to add atmospheric light when the sun goes down.

To really impress dinner guests candles are also a show stopper, looking beautifully hung from a tree or positioned along the patio edge as they flicker in the moonlight.

Finish it with furniture

Having made the effort to make your outside space shine it’s time to enjoy it so finish it with complimenting garden furniture that allows you to get maximum use out of the space. A simple set of table and chairs can provide the perfect place to enjoy an al fresco dinner or for larger spaces, a garden pagoda can provide an eye-catching feature and place of shelter from the sun or rain.

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