Themes That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into A Luxe Retreat

3 January 2020

If you want your bathroom to have that “wow” factor, it can be nice to give it a bit of a theme.
But what is a theme, exactly? And how can you use it to make your bathroom into a luxe retreat?
Essentially, a theme is a set of design motifs and colours that work together in combination to tell a story. Some try to evoke times and places in history (or our imaginings of them), while others convey an idea.

Using themes elegantly is a challenge, but if you get it right, it can have a profound impact on how your bathroom makes you feel (and everyone else who eventually ends up using it).
Are you struggling to find a theme for your bathroom to turn it into a luxe retreat? Check out the following ideas.

Boho Bathrooms With Layers Of Patterns And Textures

Bohemian bathrooms try to create a sense of warmth and relaxation by avoiding formality. While some boho bathrooms are tiled, the vast majority shirk that modern trend and, instead, use a combination of rug and carpet as floor coverings. Others stick to bare wood.

Boho bathrooms also reject the idea that baths should be built into the wall and make heavy use of their freestanding counterparts, making them the central focal point of the room. They also add little touches, like antique vanities and ottomans that double up as stools.
If you go for a boho feel, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures. The more contrast you create, the more you’ll recreate a relaxed, artful atmosphere.


Spas have had an outsized influence on the style of our bathrooms over the last ten years. In the past, a bathroom was just a place that you went to get washed and dressed, but today, it has expanded well beyond that into something that is more spa-like. Rain showers, bubble jets, makeup stations, and even massage tables have all found their way into modern bathrooms, with the range of features set to expand even further in the future with the addition of digital tech.

Spa bathrooms also make heavy use of beige and white tones to recreate that crisp, clinical atmosphere that you often get when you arrive at a commercial spa. These motifs help you to feel relaxed and let you unwind after a busy day.

Vintage Elements

Vintage bathrooms have made something of a comeback in recent years, with more homeowners looking for ways to add character to their interiors.

Adding a vintage feel to your bathroom is easier than you think. You don’t need to overhaul the entire room to give it retro vibes. Adding an old dresser or incorporating art-deco tiles (you can click here to discover some particularly creative ways to elevate your bathroom space with tile projects) is all you usually need to do, so long as the rest of your decor is neutral. Wooden elements are particularly striking when contrasted with the surrounding tiles.



The purpose of zen interiors is to evoke a sense of peace and relaxation. Getting them right, though, can be a challenge. With Zen, the aim isn’t necessarily to choose a design that fulfils specific aesthetic criteria. Instead, it is to make it easier for you to zone out, and experience peace, joy, and all of the other goodies associated with the philosophy.

Zen bathrooms try to keep it simple. The idea is to create a room that melds into the background, allowing you to enjoy an unfettered sense of being. To do this, you’ll want to make heavy use of neutral tones, plants, and simple tiles.  


Rustic and vintage are two entirely different design philosophies. Vintage is all about using designs from the past and deploying them in the present, often to contrast with modern elements of your interiors.

Rustic is a celebration of age for its own sake. It’s the appreciation of decay and an admission that “newness” isn’t everything. It allows you to add a sense of mystery to your bathroom. Where did all of the old objects come from? What’s their history? How did they survive for so long?
Adding rustic elements to your bathroom is easy. All you need to do is find aged natural materials, like wood or rope, and then implement them in creative and imaginative ways. Wooden crates make excellent shelving, for example.

Remember, if you choose to go with a rustic theme, don’t overdo it. While a couple of rustic elements can improve the appearance of your bathroom, too many can make it look as if you need a bathroom renovation (even if you just had one).

Sea Blue

The link between the bathroom and the sea is as long as the bathrooms themselves. For people who live inland, bathrooms can be a way to experience the textures, colours and even sounds of the ocean without having to go there.

Sea blue bathrooms are typically painted in a dark blue and then use elements that are reminiscent of the seaside, such as a beige, rope bathmat.

Girly Pink

If you think of your bathroom as a girly space where you powder your nose and wax your legs, then a feminine pink theme might be right up your street.

Here you can play around with all those Barbie colours that you are too afraid to implement in other rooms in your house. Girly pink is a tone between blush and nude that is ideally suited for bathrooms. It’s the type of colour that a Hollywood starlet might choose for their dressing room.

Apply girly pink paint in moderation. The tiles around the bath, the vanity or the dresser are sufficient to set the tone. The walls and the rest of the features can remain white.

If you want the room to pop a little more, you can always add glam mirrors to your walls and above your dresser. Dramatic lighting is also a must in girly pink bathrooms. Don’t be afraid to hang an overhead chandelier above your free-standing bathtub. It can set the perfect mood on dark evenings when the traffic is rushing by outside.