3 Easy Ways To Live A Greener Life

21 February 2020

Far too many of us live wasteful lives. We might even be fully aware that we should be putting in more effort to look after our environment yet don't go that extra mile. With a lifetime of habits behind us, it’s not surprising that it has been hard to get used to the changes that are needed to help look after our world. By deciding to make a change, you have already taken a step in the right direction. If you focus on the smaller changes before you tackle anything bigger, you will feel less stressed about becoming more eco-friendly.

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If you’re looking for some easy ways to live a greener life, have a look below:

Reduce Water Waste

You can live a much greener lifestyle if you start to use less water and cut back on your bottled water too. Try things like having a shorted shower, minimise the flow, have fewer baths, have a look at water tank prices, etc. Investing in items like a low-flow showerhead will have you notice a reduction in your next water bill as well as help the environment. If you buy bottled water becasue the water in your area is the best, think about buying a filter that either goes on your tap or one that you can keep in the fridge. It will help to purify your water to bottled standard and get rid of the irony taste. It will also save you money in the long run.

Start A Compost Pile Or Bin

Compost bin are becoming more of a trend since having eco-friendly items around your home has become important. Compost bins not only reduce your waste by allowing you to re-use things that you would normally chuck out, but they also help your plants to grow in your garden and save you money. You shouldn’t be going out to buy expensive compost, not when you could be creating your own with items you’re throwing out anyway. If you do any gardening and plant flowers or other plants, it makes complete sense to have your own compost bin in your garden.

Eat Less Meat

Whether you believe it or not, simply cutting back on your meat consumption can make a massive difference to the environment. Now there is more than thirty per cent of the earth surface being used to support livestock and produces a huge amount of greenhouse gases that are harmful to our eco-system. Making an effort to cut back on your meat consumption is an essential step in reducing the overall emission of GWP gases. Hvaing less livestock also leads to more land for recreational use. Think about swapping some of your meat for vegetables, vegetable substitutes or sea-food.

These three easy ways to live a greener life may seem small, however, they can have a huge impact on the environment that we live in. All the small changes add up to make one big change, so keep up the good work!

Do you have any other ways that you use to make your life greener? Please share them in the comments below.
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