Getting Organised In The Garden - 5 Things To Do Right Now

21 February 2020

We’re getting to the end of summer here in Australia but there’s still plenty of time to get stuff done in the garden before the Autumn and winter months roll around once more. So here are 5 things you can be doing in your garden to get things organised for the months ahead.

Tame your trees

Large trees provide much-needed shade in the summer months but can become hazardous towards winter when storms can cause them to uproot or drop their branches. Don’t wait for an incident to occur before dealing with overly large trees and call out a local tree surgeon such as the Sydney Tree Company, who will be able to lop them back to a more manageable size before the bad weather and storms come.

Wage war against weeds

Weeds will try and grow at all times of the year, but they particularly like the hot summer months when they have plenty of light and water provided by your irrigation systems. Don’t let them take hold and wage war against them now. Pull up those you can easily manage and consider a weed and feed treatment for your lawns. If you have vegetable patches then you’ll need to find a food-safe weed killer or will need to resort to good old-fashioned weed pulling to remove the space invaders.

Mulch your veggie patches

If you grow your own food then now's the perfect time to give your vegetable patches and herb gardens a quick mulch. Mulch after heavily watering your beds to a depth of around 7cm, this will help to lock the moisture in and will aid the breakdown of the soil. Remember to leave a little gap around the base of young seedlings who may struggle to grow through heavy mulching and remember to always use a sustainable material with a low environmental impact.

Create a shade sail

The sun can be pretty intense this time of year, so why not create your plants some shade sails out of cloth or similar material to protect them from the worst of the sun. The shade is particularly important for vegetables such as eggplant which can shrivel up in the summer heat. Try tying the cloth between two large poles or create a movable structure out of some bamboo canes.

Prepare your pool

Although we may still have a few more hot weeks to come, you may want to find pool service companies that will help to get your pool cleaned and ready to be shut down. Alternatively, you could start thinking about preparing your pool area for the autumn months yourself. Be sure to cover your pool with a net to stop any early falling leaves from getting into your filter and make sure you have the necessary chemicals to keep your pool sanitary throughout the winter months. Now would also be a good time to give your pool a thorough clean to remove any build-up of sediment or algae and to service your filters.

So, there you have it, 5 things you could be doing in the garden right now to get you organised for the month